1954 Life And Death

1954 Life And Death

1954 Life And Death

After a month away from my website, and drinking out all night drinking Chocolate syrup, straight with no marshmallows. Yes I know that could lend to the road of  shame and wonderments, that’s why I didn’t have anything that read “diet” on my health food diet plan. I’m still thiner than those that eat vegetables, so it’s ba good thing that I eat and drink healthy. I’m now sober, for I do have marshmallows in my Chocolate syrup, which I have in a glass, and stopped drinking it from the bottle. I also throw in some sugar cubes in for health reasons, my doctor says I shouldn’t have caffeine, because I’m too hyper now, however he never mentioned about sugar cubes, so I’m safe, until next visit, in twelve months.

Now back to this blog 1954 Life And Death, I’m going to be doing bios for this year an holy much more. This years the last of May Parents generation that I never listened to as a child, so I’m going to try and enjoy it while it lasted and then I’m going to try something new next year.


January April

January 1 Richard Edson, American drummer.
January 2 Glenn Goins, American R&B/ funk guitarist and singer (Parliament-Funkadelic) (d. 1978).
January 4 Eugene Chadbourne, American guitarist and songwriter.
January 16 Cheryl Bentyne, vocalist (The Manhattan Transfer).
January 19 Katey Sagal, American singer-songwriter and actress.
January 25 Richard Finch, funk composer (K.C. and the Sunshine Band).
January 29 Richard Manitoba, {singer| vocalist}.
February 1 Chuck Dukowski, American singer-songwriter and bass player (Black Flag, Würm, Black Face and October Faction).
February 10 Carita Holmström, pianist, singer and songwriter.
February 18 John Travolta, actor, singer and dancer.
February 19 Jimmy Pursey, vocalist (Sham 69).
February 20 Jon Brant, bass guitarist (Cheap Trick).
February 27.
JoAnn Falletta, orchestral conductor.
Neal Schon, rock musician (Journey) Santana.
March 10 Tina Charles, disco singer.
March 15 Jon King, post-punk singer-songwriter (Gang Of Four).
March 16 Nancy Wilson, rock singer-songwriter (Heart).
March 27 Wally Stocker, rock guitarist (The Babys).
March 31 Tony Brock, rock drummer (The Babys).
April 1 Knut Værnes, Norwegian guitarist.
April 2 Susumu Hirasawa, singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist (P-MODEL).
April 4 Michel Camilo, pianist.
April 5 Peter Case, singer-songwriter and guitarist,.
April 13 Jimmy Destri, rock keyboard player and songwriter (Blondie).
April 17 Michael Sembello, singer, instrumentalist and songwriter.
April 28 Michael Daugherty, composer.

May December

May 1 Ray Parker, Jr., guitarist, songwriter and record producer.
May 2.
Angela Bofill, singer songwriter.
Elliot Goldenthal, composer.
May 11 Judith Weir, composer, Master of the Queens Music.
May 18 Reinhold Heil, composer.
May 20 Jimmie Henderson (Black Oak Arkansas).
May 21 Marc Ribot, session guitarist and composer.
May 31 Vicki Sue Robinson, US disco singer. (d. 2000).
June 3 Dan Hill, singer-songwriter.
June 8 Greg Ginn, punk guitarist (Black Flag).
June 13 Robert Donaldson (Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods).
June 15 Terri Gibbs, country singer.
June 20 Michael Anthony (Van Halen).
July 7.
Pam Bricker, American singer and guitarist (d.2005).
Ron Jones, composer.
July 10 Neil Tennant, British singer-songwriter and record producer (Pet Shop Boys).
July 18.
Tobias Picker, American composer.
Ricky Skaggs, American singer-songwriter, mandolin player and producer (New South).
August 11 Joe Jackson, singer, songwriter and composer.
August 17 Eric Johnson, guitarist, songwriter and record producer.
August 25 Elvis Costello, singer-songwriter.
September 14 Barry Cowsill, drummer (d. 2005).
September 17 Joël-François Durand, French composer.
September 21 Phil Taylor, English heavy metal drummer (Motörhead) (d. 2015).
September 28 George Lynch, heavy metal guitarist (Dokken).
September 30 Basia, singer.
October 3 Stevie Ray Vaughan, guitarist, singer and songwriter (d. 1990).
October 3 Dawayne Bailey, guitarist, singer and songwriter (alias Bob Seger-Chicago).
October 9 James Fearnley (The Pogues).
October 10 David Lee Roth (Van Halen).
October 12 Michael Roe, guitarist, lead singer of The 77s.
October 21 Eric Faulkner, guitarist, songwriter and singer (Bay City Rollers).
November 3 Adam Ant, singer.
November 4 Chris Difford, singer, songwriter and record producer (Squeeze).
November 9 Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden).
November 10 Mario Cipollina (Huey Lewis and the News).
November 14.
Anson Funderburgh, American guitarist and bandleader.
Yanni, pianist, keyboardist and composer.
November 15 Randy Thomas, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer (Sweet Comfort Band and Allies).
November 16 Donald Runnicles, conductor.
November 18 John Parr, singer.
November 23 Bruce Hornsby, pianist, singer and songwriter(Grateful Dead)
December 11 Jermaine Jackson, {singer| vocalist} (The Jackson 5).
December 25.
Robin Campbell (UB40).
Annie Lennox, singer
date unknown Gérard Buquet, tubist, conductor and composer.

1954 Life And Death


January 9 Eugen Coca, violinist and composer, 60.
January 11 Oscar Straus (composer), Viennese operetta composer, 83.
March 3 Noel Gay, English songwriter, 55.
March 11 Frankie Newton, American trumpeter, 48.
March 19 Walter Braunfels, pianist and composer, 71.
March 27 Carl T. Fischer, composer and jazz pianist, 41.
April 5 Claude Delvincourt, pianist and composer, 66.
April 8 Edwin Grasse, violinist and composer, 69.
April 9 Philip Greeley Clapp, pianist and composer, 65.
April 11 Paul Specht, violinist and bandleader, 59.
April 14 Lil Green, blues singer, 34 (pneumonia).
April 17 Torsten Ralf, operatic tenor, 53.
May 1 Arthur Johnston, songwriter, 56.
May 19 Charles Ives, composer, 79.
May 20 Linda Lee Thomas, socialite and wife of Cole Porter, 70.
May 31 Pedro Elías Gutiérrez, musician and composer, 84.
June 17 Danny Cedrone, session guitarist (soloist on Rock Around theClock), 33 (fell downstairs).
July 7 Idabelle Smith Firestone, American composer and songwriter,79.
July 16 Lucien Muratore, operatic tenor and actor, 77.
August 8 Phil Ohman, film composer and pianist, 57.
August 13 Demetrius Constantine Dounis, violin teacher.
August 17 Billy Murray, singer, 77.
August 24 Fred Rose, songwriter, music publisher, 56.
October 24 Pepito Arriola, pianist, 57.
October 27 Franco Alfano, composer and pianist, 79.
November 11 J. Rosamond Johnson, composer and singer.
November 29 Dink Johnson, jazz musician, 56.
November 30 Wilhelm Furtwängler, conductor and composer, 68.
December 14.
Papa Celestin, jazz musician, 70.
Sergei Protopopov, Russian composer and music theorist, 61.
December 25.
Johnny Ace, American rhythm and blues singer, 25 (shooting accident).
Rosario Scalero, violinist, teacher and composer, 84.
{date| day} unknown Per Reidarson, composer and music critic.


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