Adam Ant Part Five

Adam Ant Part Five

Adam Ant Part Five

This is the Part that I dread, for it’s the last of this series for him, called Adam Ant Part Five, but I’ll be doing something new with him soon

Music Style

The tone of Ant‘s debut solo album, Friend or Foe, was defined as glitzy glam pop with tongue-in-cheek tunes, delivered with an excess of flair and good humor. It was also referred to as being “one of Ant‘s best records and one of the best new wave albums.
In a review for Strip, the songs were considered to contain a mixture of driving, danceable rock with humour.
The songs on Vive Le Rock has been said to be a 50s-style rock & roll sound.
The fourth studio album, Manners and Physique, was said to be a mix of contemporary dance tracks and Ant‘s old flair for mockery. Ant himself later on asserted that the album was styled after the bass heavy Minneapolis sound of which Cymone, in Ant‘s wordswas one of the architects.

Acting Career

As the 1980s endured, Ant‘s interest turned towards acting, especially TV as well as film roles. He invested three months in England on stage starring in Joe Orton‘s Entertaining Mr. Sloane. In 1993 he played the lead in the Steven Berkoff play Greek, which was directed by Bruce Payne. He also appeared on American TV shows, notably The Equalizer, Sledge Hammer!, Tales from the Crypt and also Northern Exposure in which he played a rock musician. He started taking roles in films such as NomadsSunset Heat, Love Bites and Slam Dance. He relocated to Hollywood as well as appeared in a wide range of productions and also shows, producing musical regarding rock ‘n’ roll legends Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran‘s days on tour in England Be Bop A Lula, with a set designed by L.A. artist Michael Pearce.


At 21 years old, he was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, as well as has talked openly regarding his experiences with the effects of the illness. In his December 31,2010 interview for The Sun, Ant likewise talked about the side effects of medication for his bipolar condition: In the past I‘ve been a robot. It‘s been an out-of-body experience. Bipolar means up and down and that‘s me Music has always been the best medication. I was on sodium valproate for seven years I couldn’t get to sleep and I didn’t make love for seven years. My hair fell out and I couldn’t pick up a book as couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t write a song or pick up a guitar in that time and piled on the weight. I might as well have been dead. work very closely with my GP and any decisions I make are made with himDuring an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music, he said that mental health needs a great deal of attention. It‘s the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with. Ant is associated with the Black Dog campaign, which promotes better understanding of mental illness.


Personal Life

Ant married Carol Mills in 1975 and they divorced in 1982He dated Amanda Donohoe in between 1977 as well as 1981, Jamie Lee Curtis in 1983 and also Heather Graham in the early 1990s. He included a song regarding Vanity of Vanity 6, the female vocal group associated with Prince, on the Strip album. In 1997, Ant married Lorraine Gibson, a 25-year-old PR assistant for Vivienne Westwood. The ceremony occurred in Dayton, Tennessee. They divided their time between Dayton and London, as well as on April 10, 1998, the couple had daughter, Lily Caitlin Goddard. However, the couple divorced soon afterwards.
Ant, that does not have a TV, takes pleasure in reading, especially historical novels. He has tattoos depicting Lord Nelson‘s last prayer prior to the Battle of Trafalgar, an image of his grandfather and also a quotation from Oscar Wilde:Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.


Adam and the Ants

Dirk Wears White Sox (1979)
Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980)
Prince Charming (1981)

Adam Ant

Friend or Foe (1982)
Strip (1983)
Vive Le Rock (1985)
Manners & Physique (1990)
Wonderful (1995)
Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner‘s Daughter (2013)


TV And Film

Never Mind the Buzzcocks (2014)
The Blueblack Hussar (2013) Documentary on Ant‘s return to music in 2010 2011, directed by Jack Bond
Sweetwater A true rock story (1999) Tele-film based upon the 1960s band.
The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries (1999) TV episode
La Femme Nikita (1999) TV episode
Never Mind The Buzzcocks (1997)
Junk (1997) (short British film).
Face Down (1996).
Lover‘s Knot (1996).
Batman: The Animated Series (1995) TV episode.
Cyber Bandits (1995).
Desert Winds (1995).
Drop Dead Rock (1995).
Acting on Impulse (1993).
Love Bites (1993).
Northern Exposure (1992) TV episode as Brad Bonner on the episode Heroes.
Spellcaster (1992).
Tales from the Crypt (1992) TV episode.
Midnight Heat (1992).
Trust Me (1989).
Out of Time (1988).
World Gone Wild (1988).
Cold Steel (1987).
Sledge Hammer! (1987) TV episode.
Slam Dance (1987).
Amazing Stories (1987) TV episode.
Nomads (1986).
Honda advert with Grace Jones (1986).
The Equalizer (1985) TV episode.
Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983).
Cannon and Ball Show (1982) TV episode.
Jubilee (1977).


Funeral Games (1996).
Be Bop a Lula (1993).
West (1993).
Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1985).


Book: Adam Ant.

Ant, Adam (2007). Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography. London: Pan Books. ISBN 978-0-330-44012-7.

Awards And Nominations

Year Nominated work Award Result.

1982 Adam and the Ants Grammy Awards: Best New Artist Nominated.

1982 Kings of the Wild Frontier BRIT Awards: Best British Album Won.

1982 Stand and Deliver Ivor Novello Awards:Songwriters of the Year Won.

2008 Adam Ant Q Awards: Q Icon Won.


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