Adam Ant Part Three

Adam Ant Part Three

Adam Ant Part Three

As I sit, eating may pickle and mustard ice cream salad, mI realist that I haven’t done Adam Ant Part Three, yet. I know what you’re thinking, that I should have done it a year ago, so I would be doing Part Four. Well I thought of that, and reject it, for I was busy doing nothing, and I wanted to finish it, first so I can concentrate on my ice Crean salad dinner, for today.

2010–2012: Independent Label And Return To Touring



Adam Ant Part Three

Adam Ant on stage in 2011

On March 4,2010 Adam Ant registered his new label Blue Black Hussar Ltd. as a private limited company at Companies House. That month also marked return to live music. Ant‘s first live performance since The Bloomsbury in 2007 was at Through The Looking Glass bookshop in London on March 18,2007, at which he played Ants Invasion, Cartrouble, Physical, and a cover of Iggy Pop‘s The Passenger. A day later, on March 19,2007, Ant guested at a Zodiac Mindwarp as well as the Love Reaction gig at the Pipeline Bar, London E1, in which he supplied lead vocals for the band‘s Top 20 hit Prime Mover. Ant performed yet an additional low profile show at the Southwark Playhouse on Saturday March 20,2007. During the intervals Ant spoke about Sony records, just how he declined an alleged  2.6 million O2 offer, and also a new album cooperation with Chris McCormack.

On Tuesday May 18,2010 Adam Ant has gone back to psychiatric hospital in his very own words at Her Majesty‘s Pleasure, albeit in comfortable regime at a London NHS hospital, where he stayed until mid-June, consequently returning home under outpatient supervision  In an official statement, Ant revealed an intent to perform additional gigs later on that  year as soon as his hospitalization had ended.

Although he provided at least one live performance in the immediate results of his release (a jam at a Chelsea bar at some point during the weekend of June 19 20,2010), which appeared consistent with his previously mentioned intentions, he otherwise maintained a mostly low profile for the remainder of his supervised outpatient period. Some smaller guerrilla gigs were performed that Fall which received no advance billing whatsoever, consisting of a solo show at the Dark Mills festival at London‘s Colour House Theatre on September 4,2010, the launch party of the Illamasqua store on September 16,2010 (at which Boy George acted as DJ)and a guest spot at the Monster Raving Loony Party‘s annual conference in Fleet, Hampshire, on September 25,2010. On Thursday October 21, 2010, Ant performed at the Union Chapel, London.

Ant headlined at the Scala on November 18,2010, joined by a trio of women backing singers. The gig received favorable reviews as well as three days later once again topped the bill at a tribute concert for former Ant Matthew Ashman on November 21,2010 at the very same venue, in a show also including later on Ashman bands Bow Wow Wow, Chiefs of Relief, Agent Provocateur and also London rock act Slam Cartel. Ant was back playing live two days later December 23,2010, when he and Baillee guested onstage at the Christmas party of West Rocks at Shepherds Bar in Shepherds Bush and played live once again at Proud, Camden on January 5,2011 as well as at Madame Jojo‘s in Soho on January 17,2010. He completed the month by playing additional dates of his WORLD TOUR OF LONDON with a two-night stand at the 100 Club on January 26 and also 27,2011.

Ant hung out in Paris where he played subtle shows (his first gigs outside the UK in almost sixteen years.). On March 29, 2011, BBC Radio 4 transmitted an interview of Ant by John Humphrys for the On the Ropes series in which Ant discussed his bipolar condition and its effect on his career. That very same day, Ant held a press conference and also media preview gig at Under The Bridge in Chelsea at which he officially revealed plans for an eleven date UK concert tour (similar to the Paris concert, the first such event in sixteen years) as a result of run from May 16 through June 4,2011. Likewise announced at the Chelsea event was a public screening of the December 1981 Prince Charming Revue concert video plus a question-and-answer session to be held in South London‘s Coronet Cinema on May 11, 2011. By the time the tour got underway on May 16,2011 in Brighton, the original eleven date schedule had been expanded to fifteen dates. Ant  completed the schedule of tour dates which were extremely enthusiastically received.


Adam Ant Part Three

There was just one serious unfavorable onstage incident, at Fat Sam‘s in Dundee on May 21,2011 when Ant reacted angrily to some crowd elements that booed his kilt decorated with the St George‘s Cross. The tour enclosed Manchester on June 5,2011 with a show at the city‘s Manchester Academy.

Adam Ant at G-Live, Guildford, December 2011

The Seaside Tour follow-up to the main UK tour and a warm-up to Ant‘s appearance at Hard Rock Calling 2011 in Hyde Park, London, on June 26,2011, third on the bill to Rod Stewart as well as Stevie Nicks before an audience of 45,000. Ant later on slotted in some more solo gigs, consisting of the Soho Festival in London‘s Wardour Street on July 11, 2011. Ant also announced a follow-up UK tour (described as the second leg of the 2011 tour), originally scheduled to run for twelve dates from November 11, 2011 in Bristol until December 13, 2011 in Newcastle. Just like the previous leg, Ant passed the time until the tour playing one-off dates, appearing with his tour band in Bedford on September 10,2011 before three days later rejoining with 2010 band members Crewdson and also Love for a charity show on board HMS Belfast. Similar to the previous tour, the itinerary was expanded from the first 12 dates to an ultimate 21 dates ranging from November 10,2011, in Frome until December 16, 2011 in Norwich, (with a non-tour acoustic gig at a benefit event for London‘s Wilton Hall venue included for good measure). Simply three days after the final Norwich date of the tour, Ant was back onstage once again with two members of his live band on December 19, 2011 at charity event at Ronnie Scott‘s. The first record release of Ant‘s 2010s comeback also took place at this point, with the release of the Sex Drugs and also HIV compilation album including} Ant‘s version of Get A Grip which had actually been recorded a year previously while the World Tour of London was in progress.

A couple of days prior to completion of the second leg of his UK tour, it was officially announced that Ant would certainly be making his return to the US with a fifteen date North American tour in February 2012, starting on February 2, 2012 in Ant‘s former adopted hometown of Los Angeles and running until February 25, 2012 in nearby Anaheim. A couple of days right into the new year, however, it was announced that the tour was postponed until the Fall. A five-date warm-up UK mini tour for Ant and his band however went ahead for January 19 24, 2012. The mini touras well as Ant received some unforeseen attention three days prior to the opening date when a 36-year-old Japanese woman was detained in a raid on Ant‘s home by the UK Border Agency pending deportation as a result of an expired visa.

An exhibition of photos of Ant entitled AdamAnt Dandy in the Underworld ran from March 7,2012 to April 29,2012 at Proud Camden in London, including photos of Ant throughout his career, consisting of the work of Chris Duffy, Gerard McNamaraJill Furmanovsky, Denis O’Regan, Chris Cuffaro, Hannah Domagala, Robert Matheu, David Corio and also Janette Beckman. To promote this exhibition, Ant performed a solo charity concert at the gallery on March 6,2012 with the very same two band members as the Ronnie Scotts concert from the previous December. The concert was well received, although an intoxicated Chrissie Hynde that was in presence, heckled throughout the performance. While this exhibition was on, Ant took his band on tour to Australia with a first five date schedule spread over a two-week period from March 23,2012 to April 8,2012 taking in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. In mid February, Ant made a warm-up visit to Australiaincluding an appearance on the Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight show recorded on February 13,2012 for transmission on February 15,2012 as well as promotional work in Melbourne and also Sydney.

Although poor ticket sales forced the cancellation of the Adelaide gig, the remaining four concerts all went ahead. The Sydney Morning Herald provided a reservedly favorable review of the opening Sydney date on March 23,2012 (which it rated three stars out of five), noting In a set plus two encores (the first cheered for; the second not really but played anyway) comprising thirty songs, it was kind of the equivalent of throwing a lot of make-up at the mirror and seeing what stuck. Ant likewise made further Australian TV appearances including a return to Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight recorded on March 26,2012 for transmission on March 28,2012, consisting of live performances of Stand and Deliver and also new album track Vince Taylor with his full band.


Adam Ant Part Three

Adam Ant at Music Midtown, Atlanta, 2012

Consequently, for the second year running, Ant was scheduled to make appearances on the summer festival circuit, interspersed with various one-off dates around the UK. This got off to an very early start when Ant stepped in as replacement headliner at the Bearded Theory festival in Derby on May 18,2012, when the Levellers had to pull out because of one of the band members being injured. Ant also played the first full band concert in continental Europe of his 2010s comeback on June 24,2012 at the Park pop festival in the Zuiderpark in the Hague, Netherlands, with his set broadcast on Dutch national TV. After six various dates around the UK in early July, Ant‘s next major show was headline slot at the Silverstone Classic Festival on July 21,2012 followed the next day by an appearance at Rewind in Perth and afterwards to Camp Bestival on July 27,2012. The remainder of the summer saw Ant mix festivals such as the Summer Sundae Weekender on August 18,2012, Solfest on August 24,2012 and the Isle of Wight Bestival with dates in such places as Swindon, Southend-on-Sea, Warrington as well as Croydon. Later in the year, Ant‘s postponed US tour ultimately proceeded, starting September13,2012 in Los Angeles and also finishing on October 20,2012 in nearby Anaheim. The third UK tour of the 2010s, the Blueblack Hussar Tourbegan on November 1,2012 in Glasgow and ran to November 30,2012 at London‘s Shepherd‘s Bush Empire. During  the tour, the first single of the new album was released Cool Zombie, with the formerly intended A-side Gun in Your Pocket now as the B-side. On New Year‘s Eve 2012, Ant  as well as his full band appeared on Jools Holland‘s Hootenanny New Year music showperforming new album track Vince Taylor along with old hits Stand And Deliver and also Antmusic.

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