Betty Everett Part Two

Betty Everett Part Two

Betty Everett Part Two

Betty Everett Part Two

I really enjoy listening to Betty Everett, so when I decided to do Betty Everett Part Two, I wish I could do more.

Cover Variations

Numerous of Betty Everett’s songs have actually been tape-recorded by various other musicians, consisting of the following:

It’s In His Kiss (The Shoop Song): Cher, Kate Taylor, Sandie Shaw, Helen Shapiro, Aretha Franklin, the Nylons, Kate Taylor including James Taylor, Linda Lewis, Vonda Shepard, Bootleg Family Band, the Searchers, the Hollies (as “It’s in Her Kiss), Clifters, Ramona King

I Can’t Hear You No More: Dusty Springfield, Helen Reddy, Lulu

Chained To A Memory (B-side of Getting Mighty Crowded): Dusty Springfield, Samantha Jones, The Everly Brothers, Cynthia Schloss

You’re No Good: Linda Ronstadt, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Van Halen, Aswad, Michael Bolton as Michael Bolotin, Ellie Campbell, Elvis Costello, Dusty Springfield, Frankie Rose and also the Outs, Jose Feliciano, Keith Hampshire, Jill Johnson, Lulu, Reba McEntire, the Muppets, Rosie and also the Originals, Floortje Smit, Ike & & Tina Turner, Wild Orchid, Pot Liquor, Wilson Phillips, Little Milton

Can I Get to Know You: The Turtles




1962: Betty Everett & & Ketty Lester (with Ketty Lester)

1963: You’re No Good (editioned in 1964 as It’s in His Kiss)  – Vee Jay

1964: Delicious Together (with Jerry Butler) – Vee Jay

1965: The Very Best of Betty Everett – Vee Jay

1968: I Need You So – UA/Sunset (editioned product)

1969: There’ll Come a Time – Uni

1970: Betty Everett Starring

1974: Love Rhymes – Fantasy

1975: Happy Endings – Fantasy


Collection cds

1964: The Very Best of Betty Everett

1969: Betty Everett as well as the Impressions (with The Impressions)

1993: The Shoop Song

1995: The Fantasy Years

1998: Best of Betty Everett: Let It Be Me

2000: The Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)”


Selected songs

1963: “The Prince of Players”

1963: “You’re No Good” (United States # 51)

1964: “The Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)” (United States # 6)(UK # 31)

1964: “I Can’t Hear You” (United States # 66)

1964: “Let It Be Me” (duet with Jerry Butler) (United States # 5)

1965: “Getting Mighty Crowded” (United States # 65)(UK # 20)

1965: “Smile” (duet with Jerry Butler) (United States # 42)

1965: “I’m Gon na Be Ready” (United States Cashbox R&B # 41)

1969: “There’ll Come a Time” (United States # 26, United States R&B # 2)

1969: “I Can’t Say No to You” (United States # 78, United States R&B # 29)

1969: “It’s Been a Long Time” (United States # 96, United States R&B # 17)

1970: “Unlucky Girl” (United States R&B # 46)

1970: “I Got to Tell Somebody” (United States # 96, United States R&B # 22)

1971: “Ain’t Nothing Gon na Change Me” (United States R&B # 32)

1973: “Danger” (United States R&B # 79)

1974: “Sweet Dan” (United States R&B # 38)

1980: “Hungry for You”


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