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Green Green The Four Preps

Green Green The Four Preps

Green Green The Four Preps

Why I name this blog Green Green The Four Preps, because “Green Green” is one of they hit songs, and another reason is, it’s my favorite color.

The Four Preps are an American popular music male quartet. In the 1950’s1960’s, and 1970’s, the group amassed eight gold singles as well as three gold albums. Its million-selling signature tunes consisted of 26 Miles (Santa Catalina), Big Man, Lazy Summer Night, and also Down by the Station.

The Four Preps


Los Angeles, California, USA



Years Active

1956 Present.


Capitol Records.


Bruce Belland.
Bob Duncan.
Michael Redman.
Jim Armstrong.

Past Members

Ed Cobb.
Marv Ingram.
Glen Larson.
Don Clarke.
David Somervil...

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