Evelyn Turrentine-Agee

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee

I go to church regularly, but I can’t go, then I’ll listen to Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, and I feel like I’m in church. 

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee (born February 4, 1946 as Ruth Evelyn Tyler), is anAmerican gospel musicianand artist. She started her music career, in 1992, withthe release of In God‘s Own Time by A&M Records. She has released eight morealbums, since her first release, with an assortment of labels, which are WorldWide Gospel, Atlanta International Records, Light Records, WOS Recordings, OphirGospel, Shanachie Records. Five albums have charted on the Billboard magazinecharts, which have primarily come on the Gospel Albums chart.

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee

Birth Name

Ruth Evelyn Tyler

Also known as

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee


February 4, 1946( age 73).
St. Louis, Missouri.


Detroit, Michigan.


CCM, gospel, traditional black gospel, urban contemporary gospel.


Singer, songwriter.


vocals, singer-songwriter.

Years active.

1992 present.


A&M, World Wide, Atlanta International, Light, WOS, Ophir, Shanachie.

Early lifeEdit.

Turrentine-Agee was born Ruth Evelyn Tyler on February 4, 1946 in St. Louis,Missouri, She was born as the third sibling in an eighteen sibling household. Herfather, Cleveland Tyler, was a deacon in the church, and her mother is Ruthie MaeTyler. She started singing on stage at the age of three because her father was ina quartet, and later they formed a family gospel girl group, The Tylerettes. Shegraduated high school by seventeen, and this enabled her to make her first record. Her education would not get forsaken because of her musical acumen and prowessbecause she graduated with a bachelor‘s degree in industrial psychology that sheearned at the University of Detroit. Many gospel music groups tried to get her tojoin them, but her stay with them was rather brief because she had a strong desirefor a solo music career.

Music careerEdit.

Her solo musical recording career started in 1992, with A&M Records releasing, InGod‘s Own Time, and this was her Billboard magazine debut charting release on the Gospel Albums chart. She would go on to release eight more albums, and thefour others to chart were the following: God Did It in 2000, It‘s Already Done in2003, Go Through in 2005, Born to Worship in 2013.

Personal lifeEdit.

While in college, she married Curtis Turrentine, and together they have survived her husband having alcoholism that he was delivered from 1993, while shesurvived a stroke in 1997. They have 11 children and 54 grandchildren that are living. 


Studio albumsEdit.

List of selected studio albums, with selected chart positions.

Title Album details Peak chart positions US Gos.

In God‘s Own Time .

Released: 1992.
Label: A&M.
CD, digital download 31.
God Did It! .

Released: February 1. 2000.
Label: World Wide.
CD, digital download 28.
It‘s Already Done .

Released: March 4, 2003.
Label: Atlanta International.
CD, digital download 12.
Go Through .

Released: 2005.
Label: Light.
CD, digital download 50.
Born to Worship .

Released: 2013.
Label: Ophir.
CD, digital download 25.
God Gave His Best .

Released: 2018.
Label: Asah Entertainment, Inc.
digital download.

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