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Gee The Crows

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Gee The Crows

The Crows were an American R&B singing group that accomplished commercial success in the 1950s. The group‘s first single and only major hit, Gee, released in June 1953, has actually been credited with being the first rock n roll hit by a rock and roll group. It peaked at position # 14 as well as # 2respectively, on the Billboard magazine pop and also rhythm-and-blues charts in 1954.

The Crows

Background Information

Harlem, New York, USA

Rhythm and Blues, doo wop

Years Active
1951 1955.


Past Members
Daniel Sonny Norton.
William Bill Davis.
Harold Major.
Jerry Wittick.
Gerald Hamilton.
Mark Jackson.


When The Crows started in 1951, practicing sidewalk harmonies, the original members were Daniel Sonny” Norton (lead), William Bill Davis (baritone), Harold Major (tenor), Jerry Wittick (tenor), and Gerald Hamilton (bass). In 1952, Wittick left the groupas well as was replaced by Mark Jackson (tenor and also guitarist). 
They were discovered at Apollo Theater‘s Wednesday night talent show by talent agent Cliff Martinez andbrought to an independent producer George Goldner that had just established the tiny new Rama Records label. The Crows were the very first group signed as well as the very first to record. The very first songs they recorded were as backup to singer Viola Watkins. The song Gee was the third song recorded during their very first recording session, on February 10, 1953. It was put together in a couple of minutes by group member William Davis, with Watkins also being credited as co-writer.
The song was first released as the B-side of a ballad, I Love You SoHowever, radio stations started turning it over and also playing Gee, first in Philadelphia and later in New Yorkas well as Los Angeles. By January 1954 it had actually sold 100,000 copies, and also by April it entered the national R&B and pop charts, rising to # 2 R&B as well as # 14 pop. The song was a huge hit a year after it was recorded.

The Crows were a one-hit wonder. While Gee got on the charts, the record company released a number of other singles by the group, including Heartbreaker, Baby, and also Miss You, however none achieved success. Their failures and the lack of ability to perform on regular basis to support their recordings caused the breakup of the group a couple of months after Geedropped off the Hit Parade. They kept the original line up for the entire career of the group, without any hope of a reunion following the deaths of Gerald Hamilton in the 1960s as well as Daniel Norton in 1972.


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