Happy Birthday B.B. King

Happy Birthday B.B. King

B.B. King September 16,1925-May 14,2015

Today is B.B. King’s birthday, and I want to celebrate it. I know he’s dead in real life, but on my website everyone that I type about is alive and well. There life isn’t though here, and their legend lives on, and will continue as long as my website stays up.

I’m not picking anyone that don’t like for my website, these only performers are what I bought from iTunes (which I wanted a website for), and on CD’s (which I’ll be uploading soon), so when I type about someone on my website, it means I’m going to type about everything about them. I’m not sure what other musical websites do for dead performers, and I don’t care, all I care is what am I going to do for my favorites, and so far I’ve done 119 (some haven’t been on my website yet, but is scheduled for tomorrow), the list will continue to grow. I’m only doing my favorites, but yours could be apart of my list, maybe not now, but soon will be, so keep coming back, and you’ll see him, on my website soon. Now that you my plans for the future (or partly), let’s go back to celebrating, B.B. King’s birthday.

I know you heard of B.B. King, but you may or may not like him, but you heard of him. many performers today is already been forgotten, and their songs as well, but who can’t forget B.B. King’s songs, I know I can never forget “Paying The Cost To Be The Boss” the with that song is once you have a girlfriend, she becomes your boss, for that has happen many times with me. “The Thrill Is Gone” is what I’m listening to now, when I do a blog, I’m listening to whoever I’m blogging about, and continue until the album is over, which I have to end this blog to enjoy B.B. King more. I’ll be back tomorrow for I have a lot of B.B. King’s albums to play today, to celebrate his birthday.

Happy Birthday B.B. King !!!


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