Happy Birthday Ben E. King

Happy Birthday Ben E. King

Ben E. King September 28 1939-April 30,2015

I’ve listened to Ben E. King for decades and at the time, I hadn’t known that he was the lead singer of The Drifters. The Drifters wasn’t my interested in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, like they are now but I heard of them and I heard their songs on my radio, but it never went any further than that, until the 1980’s, when I started to like everyone that wasn’t from The British Invasion of the 1960’s.

Ben E. king’s Stand By Me always kept me going when times weren’t good for me. I play Stand By Me daily and I feel better about myself. When I wasn’t at home with my vinyls were, or the radio was on another station with no taste in talent, I sing it in my mind and sing as much of the words that I knew, and everything was bright and beautiful for the whole day.

The pasting of Ben E. King is of a lost to me, and I was hoping to meet him, however on my website, he will always be alive and singing his songs I hope you come back and then see what I have planned for Ben E. King and everyone else that I texted you about, because I’m always going to find new information about them, but for now, I’m going to text you about Ben E. King’s birthday.

Ben E. King’s Stand By Me been with me all my life, for when it came out, I was born, but that’s an interesting story for later. All I will text is that before I heard anything else, Stand My Me was always played. So before Let It Be by The Beatles, Easy Come, Easy Go by Bobby Sherman, I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family, It’s Unusual by Tom Jones, and Hound Dog by ¬†Elvis Presley , I heard Stand By Me, so this song is really my favorite of the millions of other songs that’s out there now. So I want to text you

Happy Birthday Ben E. King !!!

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