Happy Birthday Buddy Holly

Happy Birthday Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly’s (September 7,1936-February 3,1959) birthday is today, and I’m not sure if anyone is going to celebrate it. For he was part of the 1950’s music scene and was one of the contenders that was overthrowing Elvis Presley. Even though Buddy Holly started his musical career in the 1950’s, you hear anything about him on any 1950’s specials or Greatest Hits album, and he died before the 1960’s started. Yet Buddy Holly inspired others to write songs and sing them as well, for the most part, most part, you were either singing songs for yourself or on your own or writing for others.

Buddy Holly is the first to wear glasses, where others were told that they can’t wear them. There’s only two albums that were made before Buddy Holly’s death, and yet The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others recorded his music. Paul McCartney owns the rights Buddy Holly’s songs, which is good, because Buddy Holly inspired Paul McCartney to write his songs.

whatever you think about Buddy Holly, even after death is is still performing through other entertainers and my websites (I have two websites), it’s a great day for my website to text about Buddy Holly and I feel that I’m going to continue next week with something that I was planning, but the people who I’m working with hasn’t helped me with the ads they promise (which I paid for), so I can’t do it now, but next week I’ll be able to.

I’m going to do something I know that you’ll like what I have in mind for my website and how Buddy Holly will be part of it, with others that I’ve mention in the past, but Buddy Holly will start it off, and will continue until I decide to sell my website, but not to this company that you see the ad for (trust me, you don’t want to work with them. All promises and no delivery. Don’t trust your money with them, for I haven’t seen one thing that I ask for and paid for. I’m not sure if they going to have this blog posted or not. I’ll wait and see the results, for they still have until Wednesday September 13,2017 to let me know.

Enough of my problems for it’s Buddy Holly’s Birthday, and we should celebrated by playing his music, and that’s what I’m doing now, on my 17″MacBook Pro !!!

Happy Birthday Buddy Holly !!!


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