Happy Birthday Chubby Checker

Happy Birthday Chubby Checker

Happy Birthday Chubby Checker

Happy Birthday Chubby Checker

Happy Birthday Chubby Checker, October 3,1941-Still Alive. I wish you could make a new album, because I’m waiting for you to do so.

It’s wonderful to celebrate someone’s birthday on their birthday without missing it. I wish I could do more than just text Happy Birthday, but I don’t know Chubby Checker that well, and I’m sure that he has plans of his own.

I have to text honestly that in today music, Chubby Checker would be a One Hit Wonder, but that song, Twist was phenomenal. The Song Twist, was on the charts for a long time, and still on the radio today. The Twist was a dance, as well and also is still being done today. The song Twist had a sequel, which is rarely done and is unheard of for today’s performers, for today, it’s whatever is new to sing about, but The Twist has a life of it’s own, and only Chubby Checker can do it justice. Others can sing Twist, but not like Chubby Checker can.

Chubby Checker did do other hit songs but none went as far as The Twist, however Let’s Twist Again also had a life of it’s own, but it started out as The Twist sequel. I like Let’s Twist Again better than The Twist, because I have happier memories, and that’s what most of the people think of when their favorite songs are being played think of.

Even though I spent most of my blog on The Twist, I’m going to have Let’s Twist Again as my song for this blog, because I want to be true to my hobby and I want to Twist Again like I did last summer and last year.

It’s Chubby Checker’s Birthday and not The Twist nor Let’s Twist Again, but we all know what he’s famous for, but I think I should start texting about Chubby Checker and not he’s songs he is known for. I’ll text it now so theirs no doubt of what is the difference between a performer and a singer in my definition a performer writes the songs and a singer just sings the song and Chubby Checker is a singer. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a fact. I would not have Chubby Checker on my website nor celebrate his birthday if I didn’t like him, but I like performers better. However you’ll find out that theirs a fine line between the two and that some singers I like better than performers, but that’s for another time. Today I’m going to play only Chubby Checker’s albums from iTunes and have my daily walk in the park, while you are reading and listening to my blogs. Now I just want to text

Happy Birthday Chubby Checker !!!

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