Happy Birthday Josephine And Curtis

Happy Birthday Josephine And Curtis 

Josephine Baker 3 June 1906 – 12 April 1975

Curtis Lee Mayfield(June 3, 1942 – December 26, 1999)

Happy Birthday Josephine Baker And Curtis Lee Mayfield, for today, is your birthday.  Theirs two birthdays, one a performer, Curtis Lee Mayfield and the other was a singer, Josephine Baker. It’s great to know, that two people who I like was born on the same day. All other websites would have them done separately but not mine. If I had twins, I wouldn’t celebrate each one separately, so why should I do that to two people that I like in the music industry.

However, I have to type “WOW” two in one, which should be a great day for the both of them, had they been still alive. 

Happy Birthday Josephine Baker And Curtis Lee Mayfield. Both Josephine Baker And Curtis Lee Mayfield, are different in each way, but the same in others. Both had a style all their own, which no other can duplicate. Josephine Baker, who was born in The USA, but became a France citizen, protest for people who have black skin, in America decades way before Dr. Martin Luther King did and her banana dance is still a site to see (in photos, to date, I haven’t seen any videos of it), and she worked for the underground in WWII for the France, which were, and still is our allies, and that’s why she’s my hero.

Curtis Lee Mayfield, he not only did R&B, but he did soundtracks for “Super Fly”, I have it, from iTunes, and it’s great. His singing style is far superior, than those of today’s singers, and his song writing, out weighs todays songs. Both Josephine Baker And Curtis Lee Mayfield, had a very successful career and their albums will survive to millennium, and beyond.

 Josephine Baker And Curtis Lee Mayfield, I’ll keep your music alive on my website.


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