Happy Birthday Pat Boone

Happy Birthday Pat Boone

Happy Birthday Pat Boone

Happy Birthday Pat Boone

June 1 1934- Pat Boone, singer

Happy Birthday Pat Boone, it’s been awhile since I did a birthday blog. That’s because I wanted to update all of my blogs as quickly as possible I did it, so I’m going back to doing birthday blogs of everyone who I like, and I’m starting with Pat Boone, but only because I’m starting it today on his birthday.

You may think, that I’m always going to be doing performers and singers from 1910 to 1945, well your wrong, in fact I only have a few more to go until 1946 and so on, however, I’m going to celebrate everyone he’s birthday every year.

I know that “I should type something more than Happy Birthday Pat Boone, and I know I’m just rambling, but I know that I remember his birthday while no one hadn’t, which is ashamed. Without his singing cover versions of performers and singers that were black, many would never of heard them, so let’s give him credit, because he was a big hit maker, and at the time, very entertaining.

Seeing that he really had much airplay for the millenniums to hear, so my website maybe the only one place that has rememberers him, which is ashamed because he should as well as others for their work in the entertainment industry. He really did much, for the song writer, he got more revenue than, if only singers who were black would give.

I do have some photos for you to look at and I’m uploading some of the songs from albums that I already have from other blogs that I type about him before. I have some more, but I’ll wait until I type about him again, but for now, here they are.

You all the photos on my website, so here’s some of my iTunes songs from two of my albums.


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