Happy Birthday Paul Anka

Happy Birthday Paul Anka

It was today on July 301941, that Paul Anka was born, and for that reason, I’m going to get out my vinyl LP’s and my vinyl 45’splay them all day with the windows open and my two Beat Pill full blast and welcome the neighbors in and have a party. Like last year, the party lasted all night, for that’s how many my vinyl Lp’s my vinyl 45’s, my CD’s, and now my iTunes will hold up for.

I maybe alone on my website, but tonight I’ll be in a crowd, with people that may not know who he is, and what the party is for, but if they complain about Paul Anka’s music, then out they go.

I’m not saying that I’m a huge fan of Paul Anka, and I know that he doesn’t know me, but I love good music, and  I want to celebrate, those that in one way or another, has something to do with my life in some small way.

I hope you are doing something for those that effected you in some small way, like I do, because we all effect others, in good ways and bad, so we all so try to do something for them, even if they don’t know what they did.

Paul Anka may not be a household name now, but in his early career, he was bigger than any of the singers of today. If you don’t know who Paul Anka is, then you haven’t read my blogs about him, however, you can hear him on this blog , and the other three blogs, and hear him without having to buy anything. If you like him, then check him out on iTunes, they have albums that I couldn’t find on vinyl and CD’s.

I got to go now, my guess is here, but I just want to type to you

Happy Birthday Paul Anka !!!


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