Happy Birthday Ray Charles

Happy Birthday Ray Charles

September 23,1930 June 10,2004-age 73

I’m going to just let you know, that I know he’s dead, but on my website, all who I talk about is alive and healthy. I’m not crazy, it’s just my way to type about they talents, their influents on other performers and other people that I may know and me. Yes me, I was inspired by most of the people that I already typed about. The 1960’s meant a lot to me, in my choices of life, and these performers may inspire you, or maybe someone that I haven’t typed about yet.

With Ray Charles, is no exception, I don’t know how many hours nor how many times, that I heard “Hit The Road Jack” and I’m sure you have heard it also. “Georga On My Mind” is another , that I can sing along with Ray Charles and not miss a beat, and I could type just about all of his songs, but I could end up typing all day and miss Ray Charles birthday and end up doing another performer’s birthday as well.

This blog will have nothing new to type about Ray Charles, but who’s birthday do you celebrate, that you go down memory lane, with? Do you have a party with cake and ice cream, and tell about their entire story to the birthday person, I hope not, because it’s their day and no one wants to hear what they did wrong, I know I wouldn’t do that to anyone, so why should I do that to someone that inspire me to do the things that I accomplished.

This is my website, so my thoughts are on my blogs, what you are reading isn’t fake, it’s only my thoughts, and my thoughts alone, so take what it’s worth, because I’m going to continue and do some more blogging soon. I hope to I’m making a good impression on you so you be back soon, but for now …

Happy Birthday Ray Charles !!!

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