Happy Birthday Tom Jones

Happy Birthday Tom Jones

Happy Birthday Tom Jones

Happy Birthday Tom Jones, for you were born June 7, 1940, which makes you79 years old today. The first time, I heard him, was in 1971, were I was ten, and I thought he was Snoopy Sales. I was still a Bobby Sherman fan, but I like the cover of his album, so I bought, and still have it. The vinyl album is called It’s Not Unusual, but today, I found the British version is called Along Came Jones (which is also a name of a song, but he never sang it). I have never done this before, but since I’m carried away with this album, I’m first going to type about it and then you can hear Along Came Jones (the album and not the song), because It‘s Not Unusual (the album with the song, of the same name), isn’t in The iTunes Store (obviously a oversight).


Along Came Jones (album).

Along Came Jones is the 1965 debut album recorded by Tom Jones and included hismassive hit single It‘s Not Unusual. The album reached No 11. Some of the songswere covers and some were written especially for Jones like the Gordon Mills-penned The Rose.

In July 1965 Parrot Records (USA, Canada) issued an abridged (12 track) version ofthe album, titled It‘s Not Unusual.

Track listing

Side 1.
I‘ve Got a Heart (Gordon Mills, Les Reed) 2:33.
It Takes a Worried Man (Traditional; arranged by Gordon Mills) 2:40.
Skye Boat Song (Traditional; arranged by Malcolm Lawson and Harold Boulton)2:59.
Once Upon a Time (Gordon Mills) 2:07.
Memphis, Tennessee (Chuck Berry) 2:40.
Whatcha Gon na Do (Chuck Willis) 3:07.
I Need Your Loving (Don Gardner, Bobby Robinson, Clarence Lewis, JamesMcDougall) 2:38.
It‘s Not Unusual (Gordon Mills, Les Reed) 1:58.
Side 2.
Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer, Geoffrey Parsons, Jacques Prévert)3:08.
The Rose Version 2 (Gordon Mills) 2:53.
If You Need Me (Wilson Pickett, Robert Bateman, Sonny Sanders) 2:38.
Some Other Guy (Gordon Mills) 2:31.
Endlessly (Brook Benton, Clyde Otis) 3:19.
It‘s Just a Matter of Time (Clyde Otis, Brook Benton, Belford Hendricks) 2:42.
Spanish Harlem (Jerry Leiber, Phil Spector) 3:18.
When the World was Beautiful (Paul Kaufman, Jerry Harris) 2:16.


Peter Sullivan producer.
Les Reed musical director.
Bill Price engineer.
John Beale cover photography.

Tom Jones - Along Came Jones.jpg

Along Came Jones

Studio album by

Tom Jones
21 May 1965
Pop rock, blue-eyed soul
ProducerParrot Records edition (retitled)
Peter Sullivan
Cover of It's Not Unusual (USA, Canada)
Cover of It’s Not Unusual (USA, Canada)
This is the album I have, and I wish I could have bought it, but no such luck, and I don’t believe in luck (good and bad).

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