How Hip Hop Started

How Hip Hop Started

How Hip Hop Started, is a fascinating topic, and one I will get more in detail, later, but here’s what I found so far.

Hip hop means many different things. It was first used to refer to the culture andway of life of urban city New York City. But, since then, the term has taken on alife of its own. The most popular meaning of hip hop is now music. Hip hop or rapas it is also called has several origins. In fact, there is no one origin that canbe called the only one. There are several histories about how hip hop got started.
First of all, the influences that helped to inspire hip hop are thought to betraced back to African culture, but it isn’t until the multicultural mix of NewYork City that the music began to flow. But, even if we do not have a clearpicture as to when hip hop was started, we do know that there are some majorplayers in its history.
For example, one type of hip hop called dub is traditionally Jamaican style. Otherforms such as Reggae are evident from the 1960‘s. Through development with artistssuch as U-Roy, Dr. Alimontado and Dillinger that most began to change toincorporate a more obvious baseline and percussion element. Blues music also cameto light inspiring another turn in the culture.
When we talk about the term of hip hop, we are often brought back to Kool Herc, aDJ when he began working with Afrika Bambaataa. There are many more people thatfold into the story of how hop hip hop got started. If you want to take it back todecades ago with the combination of African music, reggae and blues you will finda line of wonderful artists. Or, with the urban culture of inner city New York,there is another line of artists that have made their mark. One thing is clear,though; hip hop continues to make history for years to come.
To find more information about how hip hop got started, you can find a wide rangeof information available to you right on the web. And, with so many people needingthis information and wanting to know the roots of this music genre, it is safe tosay that what you need to know is available to you here, on the web.



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