I Am Taking A Break

I’m Taking A Break

I Am Taking A Break

I Am Taking A Break

I’m Taking A Break, from making new blogs, for now, I’m editing all my blogs to improve my thinking and update, all 860 blogs. this isn’t permeant, and I should be done in a month(or less), so please be patent and read and listen to the ones I already have here, and some that will be coming. Yes, even though I’m having a break, I might still make more blogs, just not many. You’ll see a difference and some improvements, but for now, I’ll be busy with editing and getting ready for Thanksgiving. I’m trying to do my best to keep my website alive, and fresh, for you and for me. Yes me, if I have fun with my website, then I’ll be here more often.

I’m Taking A Break, I’m also going to start adding more bios. of other people, the goal is to get to the end of 1940’s by Christmas, and start adding to my bios. by adding bands, and events. My website is just started, but by the end of this year, I should be where I been wanting since last year. Be mind that some blogs may change as you are reading them, but the albums and photos will remand the same.

I’m Taking A Break, and have fun and remember, even if I’m not blogging for awhile, I’ll still be here waiting for your comments. I can’t wait until I get back here with some more blogs, more albums, and more photos. I should be done soon, and when I am, editing, I’m going to try to do four blogs per day, with no exceptions. Every waken hours, I’ll be here blogging and posting, until I get my website, to where I want it to be. Until then Happy Thanksgiving and eat a drumstick for me.

Disc Two

How do you like the music, well the songs are too long for my website to hold, but then I’m on a break, so I don’t have to worry about that until I get back. LOL!

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