La Toya Jackson Part Three

La Toya Jackson Part Three

La Toya Jackson Part Three

I’m doing another blog on her entitled La Toya Jackson Part Three, I hope you enjoy it. I can’t believe what I found on her with Part Two, however, here’s some more, I thought you should know.

1996 2002: Escape And Seclusion

More Details: Gordon v. Gordon

When Jackson realized that Gordon was intending to feature her in a pornographic film she decided shehad enough. Jackson phoned her brother Randy that flew to New York to help her escape while Gordon was out. Just days later, La Toya filed for divorce in Las Vegas and took legal action against Gordon in civil courtfor several years of abuse under the Violence Against Women Act. She changed her name from La Toya Jackson-Gordon to La Toya Jackson, therefore dropping use of her former middle name Yvonne.
La Toya Jackson ended her estrangement with the whole Jackson family as well as returned home to Hayvenhurst. Jackson forgave her parents for her stifled upbringing thinking, I‘ve come to realize that as we get older, we grow and learn a lot more. And I think that my father and my mother, they raised children the best way they know how. According to La Toya, Michael understood that she was forced to attack him in the press against her will and also he did not blame her. He never held any of that against me, I remember when I‘d got away from this total hell I‘d been through where I‘d been beaten, abused, controlled, and forced to say those terrible things about Michael, which I didn’t for a moment believe, he held out his arms and just hugged me. I was crying saying: I‘m so sorry, I‘m so sorry. He just held me tight and said: I am your brother, I always knew it wasn’t you saying those words.
Jackson‘s last single of the 1990s was Don’t Break My Heart.

After separating from Gordon, Jackson cloistered herself in her home and lived alone for the first time the first six months she mentioned she neverreally left her house as a result of being frightened of Gordon seeing her. Fatigued after her years of public ridicule, she didn’t know what to do with her life as well ashesitated to perform again. Jackson struggled to restore her self-confidence but was plagued with insecurity, clarifying, I got to the point, where well, you know in the media they say things like, Oh, she can’t sing. She has no talent. She can’t dance. I started believing that, and I was thinking, Oh my God. And I started thinking, Oh gee, how could this happen to me? How could I start believing this?. After this time she began to perform in Europe and also South America sometimes tobegin generating income to pay off the massive financial debts which Gordon had actually gathered in her name while they were married. Following the September 11 attacks Jackson was moved to compose Free the World. She performed the song for friends to a positive reception. This stimulated on Jackson to write more songsending up with a complete album, Startin Over.

2003 2006: Re-Emergence And Go Back To Music

Jackson publicly re-emerged on Larry King Live on March 9, 2003. Her appearance caused CNN‘s phone lines to remain busy for hours as well as was King‘s highest-rated show in three years. Jackson announced her first musical project in six years, Startin Over. Startin Over‘s lead single was 2004‘s Just Wanna Dance, released independently  under her pseudonymous nickname Toy to avoid any type of bias DJs may hold against La Toya Jackson‘s name. Thestrategy worked, with Just Wanna Dance reaching #13 on the US Billboard Hot Dance chart. Free the World was releasedlater on that year to similar success. Jackson‘s label, Ja-Tail Records secured a deal with Universal Music Group to distribute the album, which was delayed several times as a result of extenuating circumstances. The 2003 promotional copy of Startin Over leaked online in 2006, nevertheless Jackson‘s management revealed that the whole album was being re-recorded with an all-new track list and also updated sound. That year Jackson came to be the spokeswoman for Australian malt beverage Star Ice‘s US launch.
After Jack Gordon‘s death in 2005, Jackson was totally free to speak even more freely concerning the control he applied over her life. She sent out a security expert to eyewitness that Gordon had actually not fabricated his death a second time. In 2005 she appeared on ABC News to recant her previous allegations and defend brother Michael against new charges of child abuse. VH1 described Jackson as a role model having weathered various successes as well as setbacks.

2007 2009: Reality Television

On January 10, 2007, the reality TV show Armed & Famous premiered on CBS starring Jackson and also various other celebritiesThe program documented Jackson‘s basic training and service as a reserve policewoman with the Muncie Police Department. Jackson maintains her badge by continuing to volunteer as a deputy. The show was eventually removed from the CBS schedule, as a result of it’s failure to compete with American IdolVH1 subsequently aired the remaining episodes. On the show, Jackson demonstrated her phobia of cats, after she started hysterically screaming as well as locked herself in a squad car. This fear, she revealed, was brought on by a childhood memory in which a family member was attacked by a cat. She underwent on-screen therapy to attempt to relieve her of this phobia. A single called Armed and Famous was planned however the title was changed to I Don’t Play That shortly before it was sent out to radio stations, where it failed to take off, on January 29, 2007,as a result of CBS cancellation of the show.

In January 2009, Jackson was paid 103,000 to appear as a contestant on the sixth series of the British TV program Celebrity Big Brother. She was the second member of the Jackson family to be on the show, the first being her brother Jermaine in 2007. Jackson‘s goal in participating in show was to overcome her shyness and also mix with people that I‘d never normally meet. She was the fourth person evicted from the house.

The final version of Startin Over was completed in late 2008, prior to Jackson joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother. A new lead single, Love, Honor, and Obey, planned for a summer 2009 release, was postponed as a result of the death of La Toya‘s younger brother Michael. Instead, Home was released on July 28, 2009 in Michael‘s memory with all earnings going to AIDS Project Los Angeles, one of his favorite charities. La Toya Jackson was one of the first siblings present at Reagan-UCLA Medical Center on June 25, 2009, after brother Michael Jackson was pronounced dead after suffering cardiac arrest. She was named as the informant on her brother‘s death certificateJackson asked for a second autopsy to be performed after noting suspicious medical paraphernalia in Michael‘s rented house, evasive behavior by his doctors, and also discovering that $2 million in cash and jewels had gone missing. The Los Angeles County Coroner ruled Jackson‘s death homicide weeks later.

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