Legendary Andy Williams Part Eight

Legendary Andy Williams Part Eight

Legendary Andy Williams Part Eight

Legendary Andy Williams Part Eight

In Part Seven, I typed about Andy Williams’ albums, it’s only fair to type about his singles, and that’s why Legendary Andy Williams Part Eight, is for.



Peak graph placements
Non-charting B-sides
From very same cd as A-side other than where suggested
United States
“Jubilee”By Kay Thompson & & The Williams Brothers———-“Back Home Again in Indiana” Non-album tracks

“Louisiana Purchase” By Kay Thompson & The Williams Brothers———-“I See Your Face Before Me” 1954

“Why Should I Cry Over You “———-“You Can’t Buy Happiness”1955

“Now I Know”———-” Here Comes That Dream Again”

“Christmas Is A Feeling In Your Heart”———-“The Wind, The Sand and alsoThe Star”1956

“Walk Hand in Hand”54 16——“Not Anymore “Andy Williams

“Canadian Sunset”7 2——“High Upon A Mountain”
“Baby Doll”33 35——“Since I’ve Found My Baby “1957

“Butterfly”1 3– 14 1″It Doesn’t Take Very Long” (from Andy Williams )Andy Williams’Best

“I Like Your Kind Of Love”8 10—- 16 “Stop Teasin ‘Me”(from Andy Williams)

“Lips of Wine”17 20——“Straight From My Heart”Andy Williams 1958

“Are You Sincere?”3 7——“Be Mine Tonight”(from Two Time Winners) Andy Williams’Best

“Promise Me, Love”17 33——“Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Love”Non-album tracks

“The Hawaiian Wedding Song”/”The House of Bamboo”11– 6 86– 27—- Two Time Winners Non-album track 1959

” Lonely Street”5 7– 20–“Summer Love”Lonely Street

“The Village of St. Bernadette”7 9——“I’m So LonesomeI Could Cry”(from Lonely Street) The Village of St. Bernadette 1960

“Wake Me When It’s Over”50 58——“We Have A Date (Andy’s Theme )”Non-album tracks
“Do You Mind?”70 53——“Dreamsville”(from Canadian Sunset )Andy Williams’Best

“You Don’t Want My Love”64 51——“Don’t Go To Strangers “(A-side )1961

“The Bilbao Song”37 25—— “How Wonderful To Know”

“Danny Boy”/”Fly By Night “64 82 78 73 15 20—- Danny Boy as well as Other Songs I Love To Sing Non-album track 1962

“The Wonderful World Of The Young “/”Help Me”99– 139 113—— Newest Hits Non-album track

“Stranger On The Shore”38 10 9– 30″I Want to Be Wanted

“Warm and also Willing” Don’t You Believe It”39 50 15—-“Summertime”(from Danny Boy)Newest Hits

“Twilight Time”86 97——“So Rare”Two Time Winners 1963

“Can’t Get Used To Losing You “/”Days Of Wine as well as Roses “2 26 1 29 1 9 7– 2– Days Of Wine and also Roses” Hopeless”

“The Peking Theme (So Little Time)”13 115 17– 3———- Non-album tracks

“White Christmas”– 81——“The Christmas Song”The Andy Williams Christmas Album 1964

“Charade”/”A Fool Never Learns “100 13– 13– 4—— 40” Call Me Irresponsible”and also Various Other Hit Songs From The Movies The Wonderful World Of Andy Williams

“Wrong For Each Other”34 27 11—-“Madrigal”(from Call Me Irresponsible … )Non-album track
“Under Paris Skies”121——–“Let It Be Me “Under Paris Skies

“Almost There”/”On The Street Where You Live”67 28 100 40 12 3—- 2– Andy Williams ‘Dear Heart The Great Songs From”My Fair Lady” as well as Other Broadway Hits

“Dear Heart”24 15 2—-” Emily”Andy Williams ‘Dear Heart 1965

“… and also Roses as well as Roses”36 34 4—-“My Caoursel” (from Andy Williams ‘Dear Heart )Newest Hits
“Ain’t It True”40 35——“Loved One”Non-album tracks

“Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)”92 97 18—-“I’ll Remember You”Newest Hits 1966

“May Each Day “——– 19″Bye Bye Blues”(from The Shadow Of Your Smile)May Each Day

“Bye Bye Blues”/”You’re Gon na Hear From Me”127– 123– 18 13——– The Shadow Of Your Smile Non-album track

“How Can I Tell Her It’s Over”109 109 17—- “The Summer of Our Love”(from TheShadow Of Your Smile)Non-album track

“In The Arms Of Love” 49 72 1– 33 “The Many Faces Of Love”(Non-album track)

In The Arms Of Love 1967″Music To Watch Girls By”34 50 2– 33″The Face I Love”(from In The Arms Of Love)Born Free

“More and also More”88 100 2– 45″I Want To Be Free “(from Born Free)Non-album track

” Holly”113– 4—-“When I Look In Your Eyes “Love, Andy 1968″
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”——– 5″You Are Where Everything

Is”b/w(from Born Free )”Sweet Memories “75 82 4—- “You Are Where Everything Is “b/w( from Born Free
)Raindrops Keep Fallin
‘On My Head”Battle Hymn of the
Republic”33 48 11—-“Ave Maria”non-album tracks 1969

“Happy Heart”22 26 1– 19″Our Last Goodbye”(from Honey )Happy Heart

“Live as well as Learn”119 111 12—-“You Are “(from Get Together With Andy Williams )Non-album track

” A Woman’s Way”109 91 4—-“What Am I Living For”(A-side)Non-album tracks 1970
“Can’t Help Falling In Love”88 85 28– 3″Sweet Memories”(from Raindrops Keep Fallin’On My Head)Non-album track

“One Day Of Your Life”77 92 2—-“Long Time Blues”(from Raindrops Keep Fallin’On My Head )

“It’s So Easy”——– 13″Long Time Blues” Raindrops Keep Fallin ‘On My Head

“Home Lovin’Man”—- 10– 7″Whistling Away the Dark”(Non-album track )

Alone Again(Naturally)1971 “(Where Do I Begin) Love Story”9 10 1– 4″Something”
Love Story “A Song For You” 82 95 29—-“Holly”(from Love,Andy) You’ve Got A Friend”Love Is All”—- 29—-” What’s The Matter Girl”(A-side)Non-album tracks

“You’ve Got A Friend”———-” You Are Where Everything Is”(from Born Free )You’ve Got A Friend 1972″
Music From Across The Way”– 111 30—-“The Last Time I Saw Her “(from Love Theme from”The Godfather” )Greatest Hits Vol. 2

“Speak Softly Love( Love Theme from The Godfather)”34 24 7– 42 “Home For Thee”(Non-album track )

Love Theme from”The Godfather””MacArthur Park”102 114 26—-“Amazing Grace”(from Alone Again(Naturally )

“Home Lovin ‘Man”—- 27—-“(Where Do I Begin )Love Story”(from Love Story )Alone Again(Naturally )1973

” Last Tango In Paris “———-“I’ll Never Be The Same “(Non-album track )

Solitaire”Solitaire”—- 23– 4″My Love” 1974″Getting Over You”/”Remember “—— 117– 30—- 35–“Love’s Theme”—- 16—-“They Long To Be Close To You”(from The Impossible Dream)
The Way We Were”Another Lonely Song”—- 29—-“A Mi Esposa Con Amor”You Lay So Easy On My Mind 1975″You Lay So Easy on My Mind”——– 32 “I Love My Friend”

“Love Said Goodbye “—- 24—-“One More Time”Non-album tracks

” Cry Softly “—- 20—-“You Lay So Easy On My Mind”You Lay So Easy On My Mind

“Sad Eyes”—- 11—-“Quits “The Other Side Of Me 1976

“The Other Side Of Me”——– 42″Goin ‘Through The Motions”(Non-album track)

“Tell It Like It Is “72 85 17—-“Goin ‘Through The Motions”Non-album tracks 1977

“Are You There”———-” Are You There( nightclub variation )”Non-album tracks 1979

“Love Story (Where Do I Begin) (nightclub variation-long)”———- “Love Story( Where Do I Begin) (nightclub variation- brief)”Non-album tracks 1980

“Jason”———-“I’ll Never Love Anyone Anymore”Let’s Love While We Can 1999
“Music To Watch Girls By “——– 9 The Very Best Of Andy Williams 2003″

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”with Denise Van Outen——– 23″Candida”(from Love Story)”
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”(Original variation)The Essential Andy Williams 2007″
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”48—— 21″Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”(from Merry Christmas)The Andy Williams Christmas Album


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