Legendary Bo Diddley Part Six

Legendary Bo Diddley Part Six

Legendary Bo Diddley Part Six

Legendary Bo Diddley Part Six

I hope you like Legendary Bo Diddley Part Six, like you like the other Parts, because it’s the last in this series. Don’t worry, I got plenty more Legendary Bo Diddley, so I’ll be finding another series of blogs for my albums to be on. So now, here’s Bo Diddley Part Six, and another album. I can’t wait for that to happen, not for the album, but to type about Bo Diddley with more information about him, which is more important, which is why I have this website in the first place.



“I made use of to anger concerning individuals taping my points; currently I obtained a brand-new point going … I do not anger regarding them tape-recording my product since they maintain me active.”

Bo Diddley, 1969 Pop Chronicles meeting



Bo Diddley (1958 )

Go Bo Diddley (1959 )

Have Guitar Will Travel (1960 )

Bo Diddley in the Spotlight (1960 )

Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger (1960 )

Bo Diddley Is a Lover (1961 )

Bo Diddley’s a Twister (1962 )

Bo Diddley (1962 )

Bo Diddley & & Company (1963 )

Surfin’ with Bo Diddley (1963 )

Hey! Great Lookin’ (1965 )

500% More Man (1965 )

The Originator (1966 )

The Black Gladiator (1970 )

Another Dimension (1971 )

Where It All Began (1972 )

The London Bo Diddley Sessions (1973 )

Big Bad Bo (1974 )

20th Anniversary of Rock & & Roll (1976 )

Ain’t It Good to Be Free (1983 )

Breakin’ Through the B.S. (1989 )

Living Legend (1989 )

This Should Not Be (1992 )

A Man Amongst Men (1996 )

Collaborations Chuck Berry Is on Top, with Chuck Berry (1959)Two Great Guitars, with Chuck Berry(1964)Super Blues, with Muddy Waters as well as Little Walter (1967 )

The Super Blues Band, with Muddy Waters as well as Howlin’Wolf

(1968)Chart songs Year Solitary Chart Positions United States Pop United States R&B UK 1955″Bo Diddley

“/”I’m a Man” -1-“Diddley Daddy “-11 -1956 “Pretty Thing”-4 34 (in 1963


1959″ I’m Sorry”-17-“

Crackin Up

“62 14-

“Say Man”20 3-“Say Man

, Back Again



“Road Runner”75 20-1962” You Ca

n’t Judge a Book by

the Cover”48


“Hey Good Lookin


-39 1967″Ooh Baby”

88 17-



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