Leo Sayer Part Two

Leo Sayer Part Two

Leo Sayer Part Two, has the personal information about him, so let us read further (not me, I already read it for spelling and adding), then listen to his album.

Sayer’s Financial Difficulties With Money

After a decade of success, Sayer‘s career suffered repeated setbacks due to aseries of financial and legal problems. When Sayer and his first wife Janice divorced in 1985, subsequent financial disclosure revealed Adam Faith had badly mishandled his business affairs and that much of the millions of pounds he had earned over the previous decade had been lost through Faith‘s questionable investments and business expenses.
Sayer sued Faith for mismanagement; and the case was eventually settled out of court in 1992, with Sayer receiving a reported payout of 650,000. In the early 1990s, his career stalled again while he fought a protracted but ultimately successful legal battle against his former label, Chrysalis, to regain the publishing rights to his songs.

In 1996, Sayer sued his new management, after he discovered that his pension fund had allegedly been mismanaged to around 1 million. Despite spending more than 90,000 in legal fees the case never made it to court and Sayer abandoned the suit for reasons of cost. He assembled a band led by former Van Morrison guitarist Ronnie Johnson and toured his way back to financial security. They recorded a live album, Live in London, which was released in 1999.

Sayer’s Later Career With Music And Television 

On 12 February 2006, he made a return to number one in the UK Singles Chart, with DJ Meck‘s remix of Thunder In My Heart. It was his first appearance in the United Kingdom Top 10 for almost twenty-four years, and his second chart-topper in the United Kingdom, almost three decades after his first. LeoSayer: At His Very Best, a career spanning compilation album, was released in the United Kingdom on 6 March 2006. It featured the Meck single, alongside When Need You and You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.
In June 2008, Sayer released a new album only in Australia, Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow. This album, produced by Garth Porter (from the Australian pop band Sherbet), and released by Universal Music Australia, featured selections from his catalog re-arranged with strings and acoustic and jazz instrumentation.
In January 2009, Sayer became an Australian citizen, having lived in Sydney, New South Wales, since 2005.
Sayer has appeared in various television shows including The Muppet Show (1978‘s Episode 3.02 on which he sang You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, The Show Must Go On, and When I Need You); The Wiggles 2008 DVD, You Make Me Feel Like Dancingwhich featured Sayer‘s hit of the same name; Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2007; and the Australian television comedy, Stupid, Stupid Man. In the episode Days of Wine and D’ohses of the television series The Simpsons, a character mentions Sayer as being another singer he likes, after Elvis Presley.
In January 2015, Sayer released his album, Restless Years, and toured from Perth across many places in Australia to Singapore, with various support acts including Jason Ayres. In January 2015, Sayer also featured in Singapore‘s Leo Sayer in Concert 40 Years at the Top, presented by the British TheatrePlayhouse. In October 2015, Sayer was awarded with a Gold Badge of Merit from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.
On 3 May 2019, Sayer released his latest album, Selfie on Demon Records. It was recorded at his home studio at The Barn, Plainlands, Queensland, Australia.

At Union Chapel, Islington, 3 May 2019, on the Just A Boy at 70 Tour

Sayer’s Personal Life With Relationships

Sayer and his wife Janice married in 1973, and divorced in 1985. He then had a relationship with Donatella Piccinetti, with whom he moved to live in Australia, but they separated in 2007.
In January 2009, Sayer became an Australian citizen at the Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony in Canberra.


Sayer’s Health Problems With Health

Sayer is dyslexic. He still suffers from the effects of injuries to his legs and ankles that were caused by a fall off a stage in 1977.
Sayer‘s family has a history of cancer; both his parents died of cancer, as did other family members on both sides. On his 65th birthday, after experiencing intestinal problems, Sayer was given a colonoscopy which revealed he had intestinal ulcers and a tumor. He under went surgery which successfully treated both problems and said that the tumor was benign.

Sayer’s Discography Albums With Music On Them

Year Album.

1973 Silverbird.

1974 Just a Boy.

1975 Another Year.

1976 Endless Flight.

1977 Thunder in My Heart.

1978 Leo Sayer.

1979 The Very Best of Leo Sayer.

1979 Here.

1980 Living in a Fantasy.

1982 World Radio.

1983 Have You Ever Been in Love.

1988 Moonlighting( compilation CD).

1990 Cool Touch.

1993 All the Best.

1999 The Definitive Hits Collection.

1999 Live in London.

2004 Endless Journey The Essential Leo Sayer.

2005 Voice in My Head.

2006 Leo Sayer: At His Very Best.

2008 Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow *.

2010 Leo Sayer: The Greatest Hits.

2015 Restless Years.

2018 The Gold Collection.

2019 Selfie.

*- Australia release only.

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