Merry Christmas Have A Wonderful Year

Merry Christmas Have A Wonderful Year

Merry Christmas Have A Wonderful Year

Merry Christmas Have A Wonderful Year, It’s new and it’s wonderful, because you and I will be there and it be wonderfully new. Merry Christmas for those who are Christians and for the store owners that want to make a profit.

I have a wonderful life, a wonderful love life, and a Blessed website that I can text anything that I want. Reading what I have in my mind and letting you know that. Of course I won’t tell in detail for you don’t know me yet, but you might start knowing, for you probably found my Facebook pages, but I’m not going to be the one who tells you where to find me.

I know you’re living in the 2019 (which is your fantasy), but for my website, I’m still in 1954 (hopefully I’ll be in 1955 before you get 2020), so at least you be knowing who I like this year (1954). I started doing Annie Lennox and she was born on December 25,1954, so I’m more than a week ahead of you. So when you are celebrating Christmas, I’ll be celebrating New Year day and depending on how many I like in 1955, I might be in 1956 before you celebrate New Year for 2020, but I’m now rambling and I have other things to do, but nothing I can think about right now.

For those that thought I was going to something for Christmas in this blog, well I’m not done with it yet. Of course by the time I’m done, I might not text anything. If I don’t then read my blogs from last year (I don’t know what year that was), only I might start to get creative (or weird-ER), if I do it now.

The year 1955 will be different than when I have been doing, for that’s where my vinyl 45’s start, and LP’s as well. My CD’s of greatest hits of the 1950’s will be on my website, but more importantly I’ll be relying on my CD’s until the 1990’s and the back to my iTunes.

I hope you be with me from my next year (1955), in your next year (2020), and see what this website is all about. I am trying to be better than all the rest, and I hope you think so also.

I have a Christmas album from iTunes thatI don’t think you would look. for, but I have it, I hope your dogs and cat, will enjoy it.


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