Midnight Cowboy Ferrante And Teicher

Midnight Cowboy Ferrante And Teicher

Midnight Cowboy Ferrante And Teicher

You might not have heard of them, but I have, so that’s why Midnight Cowboy Ferrante And Teicher is on my website. I care for who I like, besides, I have enough of different artists that I can indulge on my blogs. Skip if you like, but I’m doing this one today, and I hope you read up on them.

Ferrante & Teicher were a duo of American piano players, recognized for their light arrhttp://mckennamusicaljubilee.com/wp-admin/profile.phpangements of familiar classical pieces, film soundtracks, and show tunes, in addition to their trademark style of florid, intricate as well as fast-paced piano playing performances.

Ferrante & Teicher

Ferrante & Teicher 1969.JPG

Ferrante & Teicher in 1969

Background Information



Space age pop
Easy listening


Years Active
1947 1989


Associated Acts
Don Costa
Al Caiola
Nick Perito

Arthur Ferrante
Louis Teicher


Arthur Ferrante (September 7, 1921, New York City September 19, 2009), and also Louis Teicher( pronounced as TIE-cher) (August 24, 1924, Wilkes-BarrePennsylvania August 3, 2008) met while studying at the Juilliard School of Music in New York in 1930. Musical prodigies, they started performing as a piano duo while still in school. After graduating, they both joined the Juilliard faculty.

In 1947, they launched a full time concert career, initially playing nightclubs, after that swiftly moving up to playing classical music with orchestral backing. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith relates the story that in the 1950s both students practiced in the home of his grandmother Constance Neidhart Tallarico. In between 1950 and 1980, they were a major American easy listening actas well as scored four big U.S. hits: Theme from The Apartment (Pop # 10), Theme From Exodus (Pop # 2), Tonight (Pop # 8), and also Midnight Cowboy (Pop # 10). They performed and recorded frequently with pops orchestras popular standards by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers as well as others. In 1973, they did the Hollywood Radio Theater theme for the Rod Serling radio drama series, The Zero Hour.
The duo also experimented with prepared pianos, adding paper, sticks, rubber, wood blocks, metal bars, chains, glassmallets, and also various other found objects to piano string beds. By doing this they had the ability to produce a range of bizarre sounds that often resembled percussion instruments, and at other times resulted in unique effects that sounded as if they were electronically synthesized.
Both men were initiated as honorary members of TauKappa Epsilon at Central State University (currently University of Central Oklahoma) while on tour.

Ferrante as well as Teicher stopped performing in 1989 and also retired to Longboat Key and Siesta Key, respectively, near to each other on the west coast of Florida. They continued to play together periodically at a local piano store.

CD’s of their music, a few of it not previously released, have actually continued to appear.
Louis Teicher died of a heart attack in August 2008, three weeks prior to his 84th birthday. Arthur Ferrante died of natural causes on September 19, 2009, twelve days after his 88th birthday (he had once stated he intended to live one year for each and every piano key). Arthur is survived by his wife, Jena; his daughter, Brenda Eberhardt; and two granddaughters.
On June 25, 2019, The New York Times Magazine listed Ferrante & Teicher among hundreds of musicians whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.




Mississippi Boogie/African Echoes (1952) Joe Davis Records
Piano Playhouse (1952) MGM E209
Hi-Fireworks (1953) Columbia CL-573
Can-Can & Me & Juliet (1954) Columbia CL-6264
Continental Holiday (1954) Columbia CL-6291
Xmas Hi-Fivories (1954) Westminster WL-3044
Rhapsody (1955) Urania URA-78011
Rachmaninoff Two-Piano Suites (1955) Westminster XWN-18059
Original Variations for Two Pianos (1955) Westminster XWN-18169
Ravel/Debussy (1955) Westminster XWN-18219
Encores! (1955) Westminster XWN-18786
Postcards from Paris (1955) Westminster WP-6001
Adventure in Carols (1955) Westminster WP-6021
Soundblast (1956) Westminster WP-6041 (Re-released as Soundproof WPS-107 utilizing the 1958 Soundproof cover
Heavenly Sounds in Hi-Fi (1957) ABC ABCS-221 (Re-released in 1966 under the title Heavenly Sounds of Ferrante & Teicher, ABCS-555).
Soundproof (1958) Westminster WP-6014.
Ferrante & Teicher with Percussion (1958) ABCS-248 (Re-released in 1966 under the title Temptation, ABCS-561).
Blast Off (1959) ABCS-285 (Overdubbed with strings as well as re-released in 1966 under the title We‘ve Got Rhythm, ABCS-556).
Play Light Classics (1959) ABCS-313.
Themes from Broadway Shows (1959) ABCS-336.


Dream Concerto (1960) UAS-6103.
Dynamic Twin Pianos (1960) WWS-8504.
The World‘s Greatest Themes (1960) UAS-6121.
Latin Pianos (1960) UAS-6135.
Golden Piano Hits (1961) WWS-8505.
Broadway to Hollywood (1961) Columbia CS 8407.
Goodbye Again OST (1961) UAS-5091.
Love Themes (1961) WWS-8514.
West Side Story (1961) UAS-6166.
Tonight! (1961) UAS-6171.
Golden Themes from Motion Pictures (1962) UAS-6210.
Pianos in Paradise (1962) UAS-6230.
Snowbound (1962) UAS-6233.
The Keys to Her Apartment (1962) UAS-6247.
Love Themes From Cleopatra (1963) UAS-6290.
Holiday for Pianos (1963) UAS-6298.
Concert for Lovers (1963) UAS-6315.
Exotic Love themes (1963) UAS-6340.
Fifty Fabulous Favorites (1964 )UAS-6343.
My Fair Lady (1964) UAS-6361.
The Enchanted World of Ferrante & Teicher( 1964) UAS-6375.
The People‘s Choice (1964) UAS-6385.
Springtime (1964) UAS-6406.
By Popular Demand (1965) UAS-6416.
Only the Best (1965) UAS-6434.
A Rage to Live OST (1965) UAS-5130.
The Ferrante & Teicher Concert Part 1 (1965) UAS-6444.
The Ferrante & Teicher Concert Part 2 (1965) UAS-6475.
For Lovers of All Ages (1966) UAS-6483.
You Asked For It!(1966) UAS-6526.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1966) UAS-6536.
The Twin Piano Magic Volume 2 (1966) ABC-Paramount 559.
The Piano Artistry (1967) S 21004 Unart (Canada).
Our Golden Favorites (1967) UAS-6556.
A Man & a Woman (1967) UAS-6572.
In the Heat of the Night (1967) UAS-6624.
Live for Life (1967) UAS-6632.
The Painted Desert (1968) UAS-6636.
A Bouquet of Hits (1968) UAS-6659.
Love in the Generation Gap (1968) UAS-6671.
Listen to the Movies with Ferrante & Teicher (1969)UAS-6701.
Midnight Cowboy (1969) UAS-6725.


Getting Together (1970) UAS-5501.
Love Is a Soft Touch (1970) UAS-6771.
The Best of Ferrante & Teicher (1970) UAS-73.
The Music Lovers (1971) UAS-6792.
It‘s Too Late (1971) UAS-5531.
Fiddler on the Roof (1972) UAS-5552.
Play the Hit Themes (1972) UAS-5588.
Salute Nashville (1972) UAS-5645.
Hear and Now (1973) UA-LA018F.
The Roaring Twenties (1973) UA-LA072F.
Killing Me Softly (1974) UA-LA118F.
Dial M for Music (1974) UA-LA195F.
The Very Best of Ferrante & Teicher (1974) UA-LA379E.
Greatest Love Themes of the 20th Century (1975) UA-LA101-G2.
In a Soulful Mood (1975) UA-LA227G.
Beautiful, Beautiful (1975) UA-LA316G.
Body & Soul (1975) UA-LA360G.
The Carpenters Songbook (1976) UA-LA490G.
Fill the World With Love (1976) UA-LA547G.
Spirit of 76 (1976) UA-LA573G.
Piano Portraits (1977) UA-LA585G.
Feelings (1977) UA-LA662G.
Rocky & Other Knockouts (1977) UA-LA782G.
Star Wars (1978) UA-LA855G.
You Light Up My Life (1978) UA-LA908G.
Supermen (1979) UA-LA941G.
Classical Disco (1979) UA-LA980G.


30th Anniversary On Stage (1984) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1001.
A Few of Our Favorites On Stage (1985) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1002.
American Fantasy On Stage (1986) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1003.
Dos Amigos (1988) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1004.


40th Anniversary On Stage (1992) Avant-Garde (Intersound) AVG-1005.
All-Time Great Motion Picture Themes (1993) 0777-7-98823-2.
The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection (1997) Varèse Sarabande VSD-5789.
The Ferrante & Teicher Collection (1998) Avant-Garde (Varèse Sarabande Vintage) AVG-1006.


The Sound of Music (2000) Avant-Garde/Var èse Sarabande Records AVG-1007.
Denizens of the Deep (2001) Avant-Garde/ Varèse Sarabande Records302 066 261 2.
Can-Can and Me & Juliet/Continental Holiday ( 2001) Sony/CollectablesRecords CDL-CD-6692.
Christmas Is So Special (2000) 724352905720.
Great 1970‘s Motion Picture Themes (2001) 72435-30518-2.
America Forever (2002) Avant-Garde/Var èse Sarabande Records 302 066 312 2.

Track Appearances

Filme, Die Man Nicht Vergisst, United Artists Records.
Great Motion Picture Themes, United Artists Records,1960.
Music to Read James Bond By, United Artists Records, 1965.
Music to Read James Bond By Vol. 2, United Artists Records, 1965.
Dusty Fingers Volume One, Lady Love, Strictly Breaks Records, 1997.
Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails Part Two, Capitol Records, 1997.
Ultra-Lounge Vol. 16 Mondo Hollywood, Capitol Records, 1997.
The Best of Blue Juice, Blue Note, 2001.
Hard to Find Orchestral Instrumentals II, EricRecords, 2003.


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