Musical Films Of 1930

Musical Films Of 1930

Along Came Youth starring Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Frances Dee and Stuart Erwin. Directed by Lloyd Corrigan and Norman McLeod.
Animal Crackers starring the Marx Brothers, Lillian Roth and Margaret Dumont. Directed by Victor Heerman.
Be Yourself! starring Fanny Brice, Harry Green and Robert Armstrong. Directed by Thornton Freeland.
Big Boy starring Al Jolson and Claudia Dell. Directed by Alan Crosland.
The Big Pond starring Maurice Chevalier and Claudette Colbert. Directed by Hobart Henley.
Bride of the Regiment, starring Walter Pidgeon and Vivienne Segal
Bright Lights starring Dorothy Mackaill, Frank Fay, Noah Beery, Inez Courtney and Eddie Nugent. Directed by Michael Curtiz.
Chasing Rainbows starring Bessie Love, Charles King, Jack Benny and Marie Dressler
Children of Pleasure starring Lawrence Gray
The Cuckoos starring Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey
Dancing Sweeties starring Grant Withers, Sue Carol and Edna Murphy
Dixiana starring Bebe Daniels and Everett Marshall
Follow Thru starring Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Nancy Carroll, Zelma O’Neal, Jack Haley, Eugene Pallette and Thelma Todd
Going Wild starring Joe E. Brown and Ona Munson
Golden Dawn released on June 14 starring Walter Woolf King, Vivienne Segal, Noah Beery, Alice Gentle and Lupino Lane
Good News starring Bessie Love, Cliff Edwards and Penny Singleton and featuring Abe Lyman & his Band
Heads Up starring Charles “Buddy” Rogers and Helen Kane. Directed by Victor Schertzinger.
High Society Blues starring Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell and Louise Fazenda
Hit the Deck starring Jack Oakie, Polly Walker and June Clyde
Hold Everything starring Winnie Lightner and Joe E. Brown
Honey starring Nancy Carroll, Lillian Roth and Mitzi Green
In Gay Madrid starring Ramón Novarro and Dorothy Jordan
King of Jazz starring Paul Whiteman and John Boles and featuring The Rhythm Boys and The Brox Sisters
Leathernecking starring Irene Dunne
Let’s Go Native starring Jack Oakie, Jeanette MacDonald and James Hall
Life of the Party starring Winnie Lightner
The Lottery Bride starring Jeanette MacDonald, Zasu Pitts, Joe E. Brown and John Garrick. Directed by Paul L. Stein.
Love Comes Along starring Bebe Daniels
Madam Satan starring Kay Johnson and Reginald Denny
Mammy starring Al Jolson
Maybe It’s Love starring Joe E. Brown, James Hall and Joan Bennett
Monte Carlo starring Jeanette MacDonald and Jack Buchanan. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch.
New Moon starring Lawrence Tibbett and Grace Moore
New Movietone Follies of 1930 starring El Brendel and Marjorie White
No, No Nanette starring ZaSu Pitts, Louise Fazenda, Lilyan Tashman and Mildred Harris
Oh Sailor Behave starring Charles King and[ Irene Delroy
Paramount on Parade featuring Maurice Chevalier and Clara Bow
Puttin’ on the Ritz starring Harry Richman, Joan Bennett and James Gleason
The Rogue Song released May 10 starring Lawrence Tibbett and Catherine Dale Owen and featuring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
She Couldn’t Say No starring Winnie Lightner
Show Girl In Hollywood starring Alice White
Song o’ My Heart released September 7 starring John McCormack.
Song of the Flame starring Bernice Claire and Noah Beery
Song of the West starring John Boles and Vivienne Segal
Spring Is Here starring Lawrence Gray, Bernice Claire, Inez Courtney, Frank Albertson and The Brox Sisters.
Sunny starring Marilyn Miller, Lawrence Gray and Joe Donahue.
Sunny Skies starring Benny Rubin, Marceline Day, Rex Lease and Marjorie Kane
Sweet Kitty Bellairs starring Claudia Dell and Walter Pidgeon
Swing High starring Helen Twelvetress and Fred Scott
Top Speed starring Bernice Claire, Jack Whiting and Joe E. Brown
Under a Texas Moon starring Frank Fay, Myrna Loy and Noah Beery
The Vagabond King starring Dennis King, Jeanette MacDonald and Lillian Roth
Viennese Nights released November 26 starring Vivienne Segal, Jean Hersholt, Walter Pidgeon and Louise Fazenda.
What a Widow! starring Gloria Swanson
Whoopee! starring Eddie Cantor, Ethel Shutta and featuring George Olsen & his Orchestra and Betty Grable
Young Man of Manhattan starring Claudette Colbert, Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster and Charles Ruggles. Directed by Monta Bell.

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