Musical Films Of 1931

Musical Films Of 1931

Musical Films Of 1931

As much as I love music, I also love film, so for every year I’m on, I’ll be texting you about my favorite film that has a soundtrack  even though I prefer action and comedy, they don’t have a soundtrack, and I’m not going to break my rules for my selfish interests. If I wanted to text about Films, I should have started one, and not have it on my website, however, other interest I have does have music in it, so I’ll be adding them to my website, when the time is right.

Some years, I may not like any of them, so some of my blogs won’t mean a thing, but others will have plenty of meaning, so here’s what was shown in 1931, and I only like one of them, which I didn’t know was made in 1931, so even I am learning as I go.

Musical Films
Children of Dreams starring Margaret Schilling, Paul Gregory and Tom Patricola
The Cuban Love Song starring Lawrence Tibbett, Lupe Velez, Jimmy Durante and Louise Fazenda
Delicious starring Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell and El Brendl.
Her Majesty, Love starring Marilyn Miller
The Hot Heiress starring Ben Lyon and Ona Munson
Kiss Me Again starring Bernice Claire and Edward Everett Horton
Palmy Days starring Eddie Cantor and Charlotte Greenwood
Pardon Us starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Directed by James Parrott.
The Prodigal starring Lawrence Tibbett
Sally in Our Alley starring Gracie Fields
Showgirl’s Luck starring Susan Denis, Arthur Tauchert, Arthur Clarke and Fred Bluett
The Smiling Lieutenant starring Maurice Chevalier, Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins
Sunshine Susie starring Renate Müller and Jack Hulbert

As you can tell by the darken letters, that I’m going to type about Pardon Us, so I hope you like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, becauseI might might type about them as well, but that’s not a promise !!!

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