Musical Films Of 1932

Musical Films Of 1932

Musical Films Of 1932

This blog is all about musical films of 1932, now I’m not much into Musicals, but to talk about my second favorite topic on this (my website), which is music. So I have to type about music as well, or start another website (now there’s a thought), but their are some Musicals that I do like. Their aren’t on every year, nor not all are worth watching twice. Maybe, it’s because, their really one and the same movie, I mean, it’s girl meet boy, and try to win him in the end, with songs just added in to make you feel better about yourself and sell more tickets and more 78’s. For those that don’t know what 78’s are, I think it’s about time I should type you about it, but not here. This blog is about Musical Films Of 1932, and not how fast a single was.

Theses movies were released in 1932, however, not one I like, so I won’t type anything about theses movies (films I like and movies I don’t), so I’ll just wait for the next year to type about, continue with my next blog, which I’ll be doing after I publish this one

Musical Films
Carmen, starring Marguerite Namara
Girl Crazy, starring Dorothy Lee, Robert Quillan, Mitzi Green and Kitty Kelly
Goodnight, Vienna, starring Jack Buchanan and Anna Neagle
Gräfin Mariza, starring Dorothea Wieck, Hubert Marischka and Charlotte Ander
Grün ist die Heide, starring Camilla Spira, Peter Voß and Theodor Loos
Looking on the Bright Side, starring Gracie Fields.
Love Me Tonight, starring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald.
The Maid of the Mountains, starring Nancy Brown and Harry Welchman.
The Midshipmaid, starring Jessie Matthews
Monte Carlo Madness, starring Sari Maritza and Hans Albers and featuring the Comedian Harmonists
One Hour with You, starring Jeanette MacDonald, Maurice Chevalier, Genevieve Tobin and Charles Ruggles
The Phantom President, starring George M. Cohan, Claudette Colbert and Jimmy Durante. Directed by Norman Taurog.
Sehnsucht 202, starring Luise Rainer

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