Pat Benatar Part Three

Pat Benatar Part Three

Pat Benatar Part Three

It’s been a month in the making, but it’s here, Pat Benatar Part Three, is ready for you enjoyment. For I know it’s for mind, because I hand written, no, hand printing, with an orange juice can and paint spray gun. No I can’t can’t be violet, with a gun (for the children), so instead, it was a paint spray knife, for every word I spelled. So please enjoy, if not for you, then think of the orange juice with no can to swim in, and the paint that I used type with, which would be wasted had it not been for this blog.

Personal Life

Pat Benatar married her high school sweetheart Dennis Benatar at the age of 19 in 1972. The couple divorced in 1979. She has actually been married to her second husband, guitarist  Neil Giraldo, since 1982They have two daughters and also reside in Los Angeles, California. Benatar is a Roman Catholic.

Tour Memoir

In June 2010, Benatar‘s memoir, Between a Heart and Rock Place was released. The book was published by Harper Collins and also was acquired by Lisa Sharkey. Benatar‘s memoir discuss her battles with her record company Chrysalis, the difficulties that her career caused in her personal life, and feminism. In the memoir, she is quoted as saying, For every day since was old enough to think, I‘ve considered myself a feminist It‘s empowering to watch and to know that, perhaps in some way, I made the hard path, women, have to walk just a little bit easier. The book went on to become a New York Times bestseller. Initially reluctant to undertake the project, she discovered the actual writing process so enjoyable that it motivated her with plans to write a novel. In summer 2011, Benatar announced she was working on a Christmas album as well as a novel regarding the second coming of Christ.

The Band

Although billed as a solo artist, Benatar recorded as well as toured with a regular set of band members over most of her career:.

Neil Spyder Giraldo (incorrectly spelled  as Geraldo in  very early liner notes/credits) is the lead guitarist of the band and has performed on everyone of Benatar‘s albums.
Myron Grombacher, that played with Neil in Rick Derringer‘s touring  band, is drummer on nine of Benatar‘s original albums and also has countless writing credits. Myron is easily recognizable in the music videosespecially as the mad dentist in Anxiety (Get Nervous).
Charlie Giordano performed keyboard duties on five albums, and also is recognizable by his glasses and unique variety of berets, blazers as well as 80s-style ties. In 2007, he replaced the late Danny Federici in the E Street Band.
Mick Mahan is the band‘s bassist and also has actually performed with Benatar since 1995. The original bassist, Roger Capps, was replaced by Donnie Nossov on Tropic, and then later by Frank Linx.
Chris Ralles is the band‘s current drummer.
Scott St. Clair Sheets (Scott Sheets) that was originally the lead guitarist of the infamous Seventies NYC band, The Bratswas an original member of the Pat Benatar Band. Sheets is credited as guitarist on the first three albums and also first three world toursHe wrote the song Prisoner of Love for the Crimes of Passion album and also co-wrote the hit Fire and Ice for the Precious Time album.
Glen Alexander Hamilton played drums on the first album.

Other Achievements


Pat Benatar Part Three

Pat Benatar performing with her husband  as well as lead guitarist}, Neil Giraldo. Live in Sydney, October 22, 2010.


Stage And Screen Appearance

Benatar played the character Zephyr in Harry Chapin‘s futuristic rock musical The Zinger. Benatar performed the solo ShootingStar in honor of Chapin for the Harry Chapin Tribute, Carnegie Hall, December 7, 1987.
Benatar  has actually} made numerous TV appearances, mostly as herself. She appeared with her husband Neil Giraldo in the Charmed episode Lucky Charmed on which Heartbreaker was made use of and in an episode of Dharma & Greg as herself singingWe‘ve Only Just Begun at an impromptu wedding in an airport. In 2001, she also appeared as fictional rock star Anna Raines in the CBS TV drama Family Law with Dixie Carter  and also Christopher McDonald. Benatar also appeared on That 80‘s Show as herself.
Benatar appeared as a special guest at the sixth annual VH1 Divas concert, VH1 Divas Duets, performing Heartbreaker with Giraldo and also headliner Lisa Marie Pressley, with the married couple interviewed  by Sharon Osbourne following the performance.
In 2006, Benatar as well as her music were included on CMT Crossroads, an episode that combined her with country singer Martina McBride.
Benatar and Giraldo performed in the Tiny Desk Concerts series of NPR Music on November 14, 2014. At the Tiny Desk, Benatar and Giraldo went through three of their classic songs : We Live For Love, We Belong and Promises In The Dark . Her version of the song We Belong was featured in the 2006 comedy film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, starring Will Ferrell and directed by Adam McKay.



In 2006, the song We Belong was part of $20 million ad campaign for Sheraton Hotels, although the version made use of in the commercial was not Benatar‘s. In 2013 Pat Benatar contributed an original song “Passion” for a Jello Fruit commercial. In 2019, Hit Me With Your Best Shotwas used in a Chili‘s commercial, advertising their new fajitas as well as We Belong was used in a Pepsi commercial.



In the Heat of the Night (1979)
Crimes of Passion (1980)
Precious Time (1981)
Get Nervous (1982)
Live from Earth (1983)
Tropico (1984)
Seven the Hard Way (1985)
Wide Awake in Dreamland (1988)
True Love (1991)
Gravity‘s Rainbow (1993)
Innamorata (1997)
Go (2003)

Disc Two


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