Smokey Robinson Part Three

Smokey Robinson Part Three

Smokey Robinson Part Three

I’m doing this blog Smokey Robinson Part Three, to show you his albums, as a Miracles and as his solo performer. I thought you might want to know, besides, it gets me a reason to have another album on my website.

The Miracles Discography

The Miracles were the Motown Record Corporation‘s first group and its first million-selling recording artists. During their nineteen-year run on the Americanmusic charts, The Miracles charted over fifty hits and recorded in the genres ofdoo wop, soul, disco, and R&B. Twenty-six Miracles songs reached the Top Ten ofthe Billboard R&B singles chart, including four R&B number ones. Sixteen of theMiracles songs charted within the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, with seven of those songs reaching the Top Ten and two 1970‘s The Tears of a Clown and 1975‘s Love Machine (Part 1) reaching number-one. A third song, the million-selling Shop Around, reached # 1 on the Cash Box magazine Top 100 Pop chart. The Miracles also scored 11 U.S. R&B Top 10 Albums, including 2 # 1‘s. According toseveral websites, the Miracles are one of the most oft-covered groups in recordedhistory and themost covered Motown group ever. Their music and songs have influenced artists all over the world in every major musical genre over the last 50 years. At # 32, The Miracles are the highest-rankingMotown group onRolling Stone Magazine‘s list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. They also have the distinction of having more songs inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame than any other Motown group.

The Miracles Discography

Studio Albums


Live Albums


Compilation Albums


( Original lineup: Claudette Rogers Robinson, Bobby Rogers, Ronnie White, Smokey Robinson, Marv Tarplin, Pete Moore). All releases were on Motown Records‘ Tamla subsidiary label unless otherwise indicated.

In the 1960s, Motown Record Corporation, like many independent labels, did not register sales figures through the RIAA, the organization that certifies and awards Gold Records. So it is difficult to determine the full number of Miracles songs and recordings that sold a million or more records. Also, with the passing of decades of time, some songs that did not sell a million records on their initial release may have indeed done so over the years. However, several reference works, such as the books Hits Of The Sixties: The Million Sellers by Demitri Coryton & Joseph Murrells, as well as The Book Of Golden Discsby Joseph Murrells, point out that the Miracles had several million selling records during their career, including the following: Shop Around (1961 ), You‘ve Really Got a Hold on Me (1962 ), Mickey‘s Monkey (1963 ), The Tracks Of My Tears (1965 ),Going To A Go-Go, (single and album) (1965 ), I Second That Emotion (1967 ),Baby Baby Don’t Cry (1969 ), The Tears of a Clown * (1970 ), Do It Baby(1974 ), Love Machine * (1975 ), and the platinum album City Of Angels( 1975 ).This is quite probably an incomplete list, since Miracle Pete Moorestates on hiscorporate website, that The Miracles actually had 12 gold records to their creditby 1967, including 1965‘s Ooo Baby Baby. 
multi-million sellers.
Note: The Miracles 2006 DVD release The Definitive Performances (1963 1987) was also certified Gold by the R.I.A.A.


The Miracles

Tamla (Motown) releases

Year Album

1961 Hi We‘re The Miracles

Cookin with The Miracles

1962 I‘ll Try Something New

1963 Christmas with The Miracles

The Fabulous Miracles

The Miracles Recorded Live on Stage

The Miracles Doin Mickey‘s Monkey

1964 I Like It Like That (withdrawn from U.S.)( withdrawn from U.S.).

Tamla (Motown) releases.

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles Edit.

Year Album.

1965 Going to a Go-Go.

1966 Away We a Go-Go.

1967 Make It Happen.

( re-issued as The Tears of a Clown in 1970).

1968 Special Occasion.

1969 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles LIVE!

Time Out for Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

Four in Blue.

1970 What Love Has Joined Together.

A Pocket Full of Miracles.

The Season for Miracles( Christmas album).

1971 One Dozen Roses.

1972 Flying High Together.

( last studio album with Smokey Robinson).

1972 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: 1957 1972.

( live; final concert/double album).

Tamla (Motown) releases.






Do It Baby.


Don’t Cha Love It.

City of Angels.


The Power of Music.

Columbia releases

The Miracles (with Billy Griffin) 

Year Album.

1973 Renaissance.

1974 Do It Baby.

1975 Don’t Cha Love It.

City of Angels.

1976 The Power of Music.

Year Album.

1977 Love Crazy.

1978 The Miracles.

Motown releases


Year Album.

1965 Greatest Hits from the Beginning( double-album).

1968 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.

1974 Anthology.

( re-released in 1986, 1995 and 2002 with different track-listings).

1977 Greatest Hits (with Billy Griffin).

1994 The 35th Anniversary Collection.

1998 The Ultimate Collection.

2009 Depend On Me: The Early Albums.

Smokey Robinson Discography

The following is the solo discography of Smokey Robinsonfrom 1973 to the present day.

Smokey Robinson Discography


Studio Albums



Tamla Motown releases

Year Album.

1973 Smokey.

1974 Pure Smokey.

1975 A Quiet Storm.

1976 Smokey‘s Family Robinson.

1977 Deep in My Soul.

Big Time( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

1978 Love Breeze.


1979 Where There‘s Smoke

1980 Warm Thoughts.

1981 Being with You.

1982 Yes It‘s You Lady.

1983 Touch the Sky.

1984 Essar.

1986 Smoke Signals.


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