Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

I’m sorry having to pay for my first film, The Wizard Of Oz, but I needed video on my website and YouTube gave me no exceptions, for the payment of Of the film, but their is video none the less, so I’m happy. I could buy the film, but I already have it in DVD and iTunes, but I wanted to have it more for entertainment than information, like others do, so I’ll have to try something else and give it a try.

Until I find a way to get more films on my website without having to use iTunes, until then, I’m going to continue with my attempt to let you see something on my website that others don’t have.

Which brings me to my next film, I’ve been asking the people who are hanging my website, for more space to upload my iTunes on my website, but that’s not going to happen anymore, for I’m not going to have iTunes on my website, although, I am looking into something that I could use, but that’s in the future. For right now, I’ll be using YouTube.

When I did The Wizard Of Oz, YouTube has video to watch on my website, but with Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, there is none. That’s a disappoint to me, I wanted you to see what I watch and and they gave me was an email address. I had hoped for more, for I really want you to enjoy what I like.

Again you have to pay for the film, but now you have to copy the email, which I didn’t want to happen. With The Wizard Of Oz, you can still be here in my website, but with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can copy the website and continue with whatever you were doing before you came on my website, when I want you here for what is coming next. I got plans to have videos on my website and it’s soon. Come back again for my next choice of film, and my up coming events premiering soon !!!

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