The Clovers Part Two

The Clovers Part Two

The Clovers Part Two

For those of you that enjoyed Part One, here’s The Clovers Part Two, and for those, that haven’t read the first Part, please read it and come back, because you don’t want to miss out.

From 1961 To Present 

In 1961 their United Artists contract expired and they moved to Winley Records. The label had begun in 1956 by Paul Winley, brother of The Clovers bass Harold Winley. Paul Winley had actually written songs for the group (prior to their move to his label), Big Joe Turner as well as Ruth Brown. Winley Records had also released songs including the former Clovers singer Charlie White, Nobody‘s Fault But Mine/ Dearest To Me (1958). However, their sojourn on Winley Records really didn’tprove successful, and also they disbanded in 1961.

The break-upled to the development of two brand-new groups. John Buddy Bailey proceeded recording for Winley Records, releasing in 1961They‘re Rockin Down the Street/ Be My Baby credited to The Fabulous Clovers featuring Bailey. Harold Lucas and Billy Mitchell formed a brand-new quartet with James Toy Walton as well as Robert Russell, recording four tracks for Atlantic in October 1961 which resulted in the December release of a double-A sided single Drive It Home/ The Bootie Green credited to The Clovers. Mitchell left in 1962 and also was replaced by Roosevelt Tippie Hubbard. With Hubbard on lead vocals, the Lucas group recorded and released records as Tippie as well as the Clovermen and also Tippie and the Clovers for Tiger Records, a subsidiary of Rust Records. In December 1962 Bossa Nova Baby (written by Leiber and Stoller)/ The Bossa Nova was released, credited to Tippie and the Clovers. Likewise released in 1962 on Stenton Records was Please Mr Sun/ Gimme Gimme Gimme, credited to Tippie and the Clovermen. John Bailey‘s group, by this time consisting of Nathaniel Bouknight, Peggy Winley Mills (sister of Paul and Harold Winley) and Ann Winley (wife of Paul Winley), recorded for Porwin Records, another Winley labelIn June 1963 they released One More time/ Stop Pretending, credited to The Clovers featuring Buddy Bailey. By the end of 1963 Harold Lucas, John Baileyas well as Harold Winley had reformed The Clovers. The trio stayed together for a little over a year, with Harold Winley leaving after their performance at the Apollo Theater on January 1,1965.

The Searchers remake of Love Potion No. 9, released at the end of 1964, ended up being a US top-five hit in January 1965 and also rejuvenated interest in the original recording by The Clovers. Tracks from the Winley and Porwin catalog (including a re-recorded version of Love Potion No. 9 with Buddy Bailey on lead) were licensed to Pickwick International Records (a UK budget label), which released the album The Original Love Potion No. 9 by The Clovers. In April 1965 Bailey and Lucas went into the recording studio with Robert Russell (bass) as well as Jimmy Taylor (tenor), whichled to the release of He Sure Could Hypnotize/Poor Baby on Port Records. The record met with little success and also Lucas and Bailey disbanded the project that year.
John Bailey formed a group as well as re-recorded Devil or Angeland also Love Potion No. 9, both released as singles on Lana Records in 1965 and credited to The Clovers. Lucas as well as Russell brought back Tippie Hubbard and also Toy Walton and added a fifth member, Al Fox. In 1966 the group recorded four tracks as Tippie and The Wisemen for Shrine Records. Thatvery same year Tippie and The Wisemen changed their name to The Clovers. Harold Winley began group in 1968 with Bobby Adams, Johnny Taylor as well as Ray Loper, recording for Josie Records, releasing Try My LovinOn You/ Sweet Side Of A Soulful Woman in 1968 credited to The Clovers.
Robert Russell died in 1969 and also Lucas invited John Bowie to join. In October 1975 Lucas, Tippie Hubbard, Toy Walton and Bowie released a disco track, Bump Jive, on Aladdin Records credited to The Clovers. Soon after the recording Walton died as well as Johnny Mason was invited to join the Lucas group. Harold Winley joined Jimmy Nabbie‘s Ink Spots in 1976, staying with them until formation of The Original Clovers featuring Harold Winley in 2009. Steve Charles joined the Lucas group in 1978. In October 1981 Harold Lucas, John Bowie, Johnny Mason and also Steve Charles filed for the trademark The Clovers. which was registered (Serial Number 73333530) in November 1982 (renewed in 2002). Roosevelt TippieHubbard died in 1982.
In May 1988 the Lucas group (Steve Charles, Johnny Mason, Harold Lucas and John Bowie) re-recorded Drive It Home (credited to The Clovers) for Ripete Records, a small independent label based in Elliott, SCwhich released it that year as a single especially for the Carolina Beach Music market. John Bailey, Harold Lucas, Matthew McQuater as well as Harold Winley performed together in October 1988 at the Rhythm and also Blues Foundation (Washington, DC-based organizationbegan in 1988 to promote and supportmusicians) show in Austin, TX, to raise funds for Bill Harris, that had actually fallen ill. Bill Harris (guitar) died at the age of 63 in Washington, DCon 6 December 1988.
Steve Charles had retired by the end of 1990 and Chuck Battle was welcomed to join the Lucas group. Battle left in 1992 as well as was replaced by Preston Monroe, that was later replaced by David Warren. Lucas ended up being sick and also stopped touring in 1993 and Richie Merritt was welcomed to join the group as his replacement. Harold Lucas died at the age of 61 in Washington, DC, onJanuary 6,1994. John Buddy Bailey died on February 3,1994 in LasVegas, NV. Prior to his death, Bailey performed solo, choosing to work with established Doo Wop group The Calvanes (that included former Bailey-Clovers member Bobby Adams) along with appearances with Jimmy Nabbie‘s Ink Spots. Johnny Mason, David Warren, John Bowie as well as Richie Merritt performed on the PBS special Doo Wop 51 in May 2000, which received its first broadcast on the Pittsburgh channel WQED in Augustcomplied with by a nationwide release in December. Matthew McQuater died at the age of 73 in Dallas, TX, on December 19,2000. Johnny Mason filed fouse of the trademark The Clovers in October 2001 (the case was abandoned in November 2002). John Bowie died in 2002. Billy Mitchell, that had actually sung the lead onLove Potion No. 9, died at the age of 71 in Washington, DC, on November 5,2002. Richie Merritt left the group in 2002; his last performance was the VGHOF induction ceremony. David Warren left not long afterMason currently leads a brand-new groupincluding former member of The Flamingoes Ron Reace, William Rawlings and also Antwan Drayton. In 2009 King Raymond Green filed an application for the trademark The Original Clovers featuring Harold Winley, which received a case suspension. On October 11,2013 Steve Charles (Charles Stevens), a member of The Clovers group formed by Harold Lucas, and Harold Winley announced that a legal agreement had been reached that allows both parties to proceed performing utilizing The Clovers name.


Love Potion No. 9 (alternate version)

They recorded two versions of Love Potion No. 9” for United Artists. The version selected for the US album Love Potion No. 9 (released 1960 on United Artists and also consisting of different tracks to the later UK Pickwick release with a similar name) has a different ending to the single version that charted. The final verse states:.”I had so much fun that I‘m goin’ back again … I wonder what’ll happen with Love Potion No. 10

The alternative version is also included on the soundtrack release of the movie American Graffiti.

An additional one of their Songs “Mint Julep” was featured in The Movie Carol.


Awards And Recognition


1989 Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneer Award.

1991 United in Group Harmony (UGHA) Hall of Fame.

2002 Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

2003 Doo Wop Hall of Fame.

2013 R&B Music Hall of Fame 

2013 class.


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