The Quarrymen Beginning Of A Legend

The Quarrymen Beginning Of A Legend



The Quarrymen Beginning Of A Legend, is where John Lennon, Paul McCarney, George Harrison, and Pete Best started out, so let’s read, how it began.

The Quarrymen (also written as the Quarry Men) were a British skiffle/rock and roll band, formed by John Lennon in Liverpool in 1956, which evolved into The Beatles in 1960. Originally consisting of Lennon as well as several school friends, the Quarrymen took their name from a line in the school song of their school, the Quarry Bank High School. Lennon‘s mom, Julia Lennon, taught her son to play the banjo, showed Lennon and also Eric Griffiths how to tune their guitars in a similar method to the banjo, and showed them basic chords as well as songs
The Quarrymen

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The Quarrymen Beginning Of A Legend

The Quarrymen performing in Rosebery Street, Liverpool on June 22,1957. ( Left to right: Hanton, Griffiths, John Lennon, Garry, Shottonand also Davis).


Background Information

Also Known As

The Blackjacks, Johnny and The Moondogs, Japage 3


Liverpool, England, UK


Rock and Roll

Years Active

1956 1960, 1994 1995, 1997 Present.


Griffin, Quarrymen Records, Sony BMG.

Associated Acts

The Les Stewart Quartet, the Beatles.



Rod Davis.
Len Garry.
Colin Hanton.
John Duff Lowe.
Chas Newby.

Past Members

John Lennon.
Paul McCartney.
George Harrison.
Stuart Sutcliffe.
Eric Griffiths.
Pete Shotton.
Bill Smith.
Ivan Vaughan.
Nigel Walley.
Ken Brown.

Lennon started a skiffle band that was briefly called the Blackjacks, however changed the name prior to any kind of public performances. Some accounts credit Lennon withpicking the new nameother accounts credit his close friend Pete Shotton with suggesting the name. The Quarrymen played at parties, school dances, movie theaters and amateur skiffle contests prior to Paul McCartney joined in October 1957. George Harrison joined in early 1958 at McCartney‘s suggestion, though Lennon at first resisteddue to the fact that he felt Harrison (14 when he was introduced to Lennon) was too young. Both McCartney as well as Harrison attended theLiverpool Institute.

The band made an amateur recording in 1958, performing Buddy Holly‘s That‘ll Be the Day and also In Spite of All the Danger, a song written by McCartney and Harrison. The band moved in the direction of rock and roll, causing several of the original members to leave. This left Lennon, McCartney, as well as Harrisonthat performed under several various other names, including Johnny and the Moondogs and also Japage 3 before going back to the Quarrymen name in 1959. In 1960, the band changed their name to the Beatles (at first booked as the Silver Beetles by the local clubs that saw it as a more sellable name than Beatles) and went on to have a historically successful musical career.

In 1997 the four surviving original members of the Quarrymen reunited to perform at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the garden fete performance at which Lennon as well as McCartney met for the very first time. Since 1998they have actually performed in several countries throughout the world, releasing four albumsThree original members still perform as the Quarrymen.

The Quarrymen Beginning Of A Legend


Current Members

Colin Hanton drums (1956 58, 1997present).
Rod Davis banjo (1957); guitar, vocals (1994 95, 1997 present).
Len Garry tea-chest bass (1957 58); vocals, guitar (1997 present).
John Duff Lowe piano (1958); keyboards (1994 95; since 2005, has been a regular guest, although not constant member), vocals (1994 95).
Chas Newby bass guitar (2016 present; Newby also played bass with the Beatles briefly from 1960 61)

Former Members 

John Lennon vocals, guitar (1956 60; died 1980).
Eric Griffiths guitar (1956 58, 1997 2005; died 2005).
Pete Shotton washboard (1956 57, 1997 2000; died 2017).
Bill Smith tea-chest bass (1956).
Nigel Walley tea-chest bass (1956; Subsequently, came to be manager 1956 58).
Ivan Vaughan tea-chest bass (1956 57; died 1993).
Paul McCartney vocals, guitar (1957 60).
George Harrison guitar, vocals (1958 60; died 2001).
Ken Brown guitar (1959 60; died 2010).
Stuart Sutcliffe bass guitar (1960; died| 1962).

The Quarrymen Beginning Of A Legend


Studio Albums
Open for Engagements (1995).
Get Back Together (1997).
Songs We Remember (2004).
Grey Album (2012).

Other Recordings

That‘ll Be the Day and also In Spite of All the Danger (both recorded in 1958) are available on the Beatles album Anthology 1 (1995).
A number of home rehearsals including Lennon, McCartney, and Sutcliffe were recorded in early 1960. Three of these were released on Anthology 1, while others have appeared on numerous bootlegs.
A 2000 recording of Come Go With Me was included in the film Two of Us.


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