The Talented Pete Best Part Five

The Talented Pete Best Part Five

This is The Talented Pete Best Part Five, which you won’t see anywhere. I enjoy The Beatles, and I enjoy Pete Best. I would never of heard of him had it wasn’t for The Beatles, but I do pl ay his two albums from iTunes and I have some old vinyl albums (that’s out of print), of The Beatles with Pete Best as drummer and he’s better than what everyone who is a Beatle fan. He’s not as good as Ringo Starr, but  Ringo Starr isn’t as good as Pete Best neither. Each one is different so it’s hard to tell what really would have happen, if Pete Best had continued as The Beatles in the 1960’s, instead of Ringo Starr. I wouldn’t change it, because of history, might not be the same, and Ringo Starr wrote some songs and Lennon&McCartney wrote some for him. Would they do the same for Pete Best, that we may never know, but with all this time, Pete Best never wrote songs of his own. I still like Pete Best, but as a Beatle, I don’t know.

The Pete Best Band

In 1988, after twenty years of denying all demands to play drums in public, Best ultimately yielded, showing up at a Beatles convention in Liverpool. He and also his bro Roag carried out, as well as later on his spouse as well as mommy both informed him, “You do not understand it, yet you’re mosting likely to return right into movie industry”. Ideal currently routinely explores the globe with the Pete Best Band, sharing the drumming with his more youthful bro Roag. The Pete Best Band’s cd Haymans Green, made totally from initial product, was launched on 16 September 2008 in the United States, 24 October 2008 around the world omitting the UK as well as 27 October 2008 in the UK.


On 6 July 2007, Best was sworn in right into the All You Need Is Liverpool Music Hall of Fame as the launching Charter Member. Best existed with a mounted certification prior to atrioventricular bundle executed. Liverpool has additional honoured Best with the statement, on 25 July 2011, that 2 brand-new roads in the city would certainly be called Pete Best Drive as well as Casbah Close.

Representations of Best

Movie as well as tv

Best is depicted in numerous movies regarding the Beatles. In the 1979 biopic Birth of the Beatles, for which Best was a technological consultant, he is played by Ryan Michael. In both the 1994 movie Backbeat as well as in the 2000 tv biopic In His Life: The John Lennon Story, Best is played by Liverpool indigenous Scot Williams. The 2008 Rainn Wilson movie The Rocker, regarding a drummer tossed out of a glam steel band via no mistake of his very own, was influenced by Best’s discontinuation. Finest had a cameo in the motion picture.


BEST!, a funny play composed by Liverpool dramatist Fred Lawless, was presented at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and also the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1995 as well as 1996. The play, which was primarily fiction, revealed a circumstance where after Pete Best’s sacking, he took place to come to be a world-famous rock super star while his ex-group had a hard time as one hit marvels. The play was seriously well-known in both the Liverpool Echo as well as additionally in Spencer Leigh’s 1998 publication Drummed Out: The Sacking of Pete Best.Pete Best is a primary personality in David Harrower’s 2001 play Presence, premièred at the Royal Court Theatre, London, dramatising The Beatles’ time in Hamburg.

Cover variations

The American garage rock band Lyres covered “The Way I Feel About You” on their 1984 cd On Fyre.



* “I’m Gon na Knock on Your Door” b/w “Why Did I Fall in Love with You” (Decca F 11929, Released: 1964)
* “Don’t Play With Me (Little Girl)” b/w “If You Can’t Get Her” (Happening 405, Released: 1965)
* “If You Can’t Get Her” b/w “The Way I Feel About You” (Happening HA1117, Released: 1965)
* “Kansas City” b/w “Boys” (Cameo 391, Released: 1965)
* “(I’ll Try) Anyway” b/w “I Wan na Be There” (Original Beatles Drummer 800, Released: 1965)
* “I Can’t Do Without You Now” b/w “Keys to My Heart” (Mr. Maestro Records 711, Released: 1965)
Another “Peter Best” solitary, “Carousel Of Love”/”Want You” (Capitol 2092) is not by Best, yet an Australian entertainer with the exact same name.


* Best of the Beatles (Savage BM 71, Released: 1965)
* Includes: “I Need Your Lovin”; “Just Wait as well as See”; “Casting My Spell”; “Keys to My Heart”; “Why Did You Leave Me Baby?”; “Like My Sister Kate”; “I Can’t Do Without You Now”; “I’m Blue”; “Some Other Guy”; “She’s Alright”; “Nobody But You”; “Last Night”
* The Beatle That Time Forgot [Initial Version] (Phoenix PB-22, Released: 1981)
* Includes: “I’m Checking Out Now Baby”; “I’ll Try Any Way”; “I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do)”; “How would certainly You Get to Know Her Name”; “She’s Not the Only Girl around”; “If You Can’t Get Her”; “More Than I Need My Self”; “I’ll Have Everything Too”; “The Way I really feel About You”; “Don’t Play With Me (Little Girl)”; “Rock and also Roll Music”; “All Aboard”
* Rebirth (Phoenix PB-44, Released: 1981)
* Includes: “I Can’t Do Without You Now”; “Off the Hook”; “She’s Alright”; “I Need Your Lovin'”; “Why Did You Leave Me Baby”; “High School Shimmy”; “I Wan na Be There”; “Everybody”; “Pete’s Theme”; “Keys to My Heart”
* The Beatle That Time Forgot [Reissue] (Phoenix PHX 340, Released: 1982)
* Includes: “I’ll Try Anyway”; “I Don’t Know Why I Do (I Just Do)”; “She’s Not the Only Girl in the area”; “More Than I Need My Self”; “I’ll Have Everything Too”; “I’m Checking Out Now Baby”; “How would certainly You Get to Know Her Name”; “If You Can’t Get Her”; “Rock and also Roll Music”
* Back to the Beat– (1995 )
* The Pete Best Combo: Beyond the Beatles 1964– 1966 (1 February 1996)
* Live at the Adelphi Liverpool 1988– (23 September 1996)
* Best (18 August 1998)
* Casbah Coffee Club 40th Anniversary Limited Edition (1999 )
* The Savage Young Beatles (10 May 2004)
* Haymans Green– Released 16 September 2008 (United States), August 2008 (UK) (The Pete Best Band)

On movie

* The Rocker (Cameo) DVD (UK) Directed by Peter Cattaneo 2008.

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