The Talented Roy Rogers Part Four

The Talented Roy Rogers Part Four

The Talented Roy Rogers Part Four

The Talented Roy Rogers Part Four This blog site, The Talented Roy Rogers Part Four, has to do with just how Roy Rogers, has actually done greater than today’s musician. The number of these days’s entertainers as well as sings, can you call that did greater than sing?


* Slightly Static (1935) as participant of Sons of the Pioneers (anonymous)
* The Old Homestead (1935) as Len, participant of Sons of the Pioneers (attributed as Len Slye)
* Way Up Thar (1935) as band participant (attributed as Len Slye)
* Gallant Defender (1935) as guitar-playing Nester (anonymous)
* The Mysterious Avenger (1936) as artist Len (attributed as Len Slye)
* Song of the Saddle (1936) as guitar player with Sons of the Pioneers (anonymous)
* Rhythm on the Range (1936) as Leonard with Sons of the Pioneers (anonymous)
* California Mail (1936) as square dancing customer (anonymous)
* The Big Show (1936) as guitar player with Sons of the Pioneers (anonymous)
* The Old Corral (1936) as Buck O’Keefe (anonymous)
* The Old Wyoming Trail (1937) as guitarist, vocalist, cowhand Len (anonymous)
* Wild Horse Rodeo (1937) as vocalist (attributed as Dick Weston)
* The Old Barn Dance (1938) as vocalist (attributed as Dick Weston)
* Under Western Stars (1938) as himself
* Billy the Kid Returns (1938) as Roy Rogers as well as Billy the Kid
* A Feud There Was (1938) as Elmer Fudd, pacifist (Egghead) (vocal singing voice, anonymous)
* Come On, Rangers (1938) as himself
* Shine On, Harvest Moon (1938) as himself
* Rough Riders’ Round-up (1939) as himself
* Southward Ho (1939) as Roy
* Frontier Pony Express (1939) as Roy Rogers, Pony Express cyclist
* In Old Caliente (1939) as himself
* Wall Street Cowboy (1939) as himself
* The Arizona Kid (1939) as himself
* Jeepers Creepers (1939) as Sheriff Roy Rogers
* Saga of Death Valley (1939) as himself
* Days of Jesse James (1939) as himself
* Dark Command (1940) as Fletch McCloud
* Young Buffalo Bill (1940) as Bill Cody
* The Carson City Kid (1940) as Carson City Kid
* The Ranger and also the Lady (1940) as Texas Ranger Captain Roy Colt
* Colorado (1940) as Lieutenant Jerry Burke
* Young Bill Hickok (1940) as Bill Hickok
* The Border Legion (1940) as Dr. Stephen Kellogg, also known as Steve Kells
* Robin Hood of the Pecos (1941) as Vance Corbin
* Arkansas Judge (1941) as Tom Martel
* In Old Cheyenne (1941) as Steve Blane
* Sheriff of Tombstone (1941) as Brett Starr
* Nevada City (1941) as Jeff Connors
* Bad Man of Deadwood (1941) as Brett Starr also known as Bill Brady
* Jesse James away (1941) as Jesse James and also Clint Burns
* Red River Valley (1941) as himself
* Man from Cheyenne (1942) as himself
* South of Santa Fe (1942) as himself
* Sunset on the Desert (1942) as Roy Rogers and also Bill Sloan
* Romance on the Range (1942) as himself
* Sons of the Pioneers (1942) as himself
* Sunset Serenade (1942) as himself
* Heart of the Golden West (1942) as himself
* Ridin’ Down the Canyon (1942) as himself
* Idaho (1943) as himself
* King of the Cowboys (1943) as himself
* Song of Texas (1943) as himself
* Silver Spurs (1943) as himself
* The Man from Music Mountain (1943) as himself
* Hands Across the Border (1944) as himself
* Cowboy and also the Senorita (1944) as himself
* The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944) as himself
* Song of Nevada (1944) as himself
* San Fernando Valley (1944) as himself
* Lights of Old Santa Fe (1944) as himself
* Brazil (1944) as himself
* Hollywood Canteen (1944) as himself
* Lake Placid Serenade (1944) as himself
* Utah (1945) as himself
* Bells of Rosarita (1945) as himself
* The Man from Oklahoma (1945) as himself
* Along the Navajo Trail (1945) as himself
* Sunset in El Dorado (1945) as himself
* Don’t Fence Me In (1945) as himself
* Song of Arizona (1946) as himself
* Rainbow Over Texas (1946) as himself
* My Pal Trigger (1946) as himself
* Under Nevada Skies (1946) as himself
* Roll on Texas Moon (1946) as himself
* Home in Oklahoma (1946) as himself
* Out California Way (1946) as himself
* Heldorado (1946) as Nevada State Ranger Roy Rogers
* Apache Rose (1947) as himself
* Hit Parade of 1947 (1947) as himself
* Bells of San Angelo (1947) as himself
* Springtime in the Sierras (1947) as himself
* On the Old Spanish Trail (1947) as himself
* The Gay Ranchero (1948) as himself
* Under California Stars (1948) as himself
* Melody Time (1948) as himself
* Eyes of Texas (1948) as himself
* Night Time in Nevada (1948) as himself
* Grand Canyon Trail (1948) as himself
* The Far Frontier (1948) as himself
* Susanna Pass (1949) as himself
* Down Dakota Way (1949) as himself
* The Golden Stallion (1949) as himself
* Bells of Coronado (1950) as himself
* Twilight in the Sierras (1950) as State Parole Officer Roy Rogers
* Trigger, Jr. (1950) as himself
* Sunset in the West (1950) as himself
* North of the Great Divide (1950) as himself
* Trail of Robin Hood (1950) as himself
* Spoilers of the Plains (1951) as himself
* Heart of the Rockies (1951) as himself
* In Old Amarillo (1951) as himself
* South of Caliente (1951) as himself
* Pals of the Golden West (1951) as Border Patrolman Roy Rogers
* Son of Paleface (1952) as Roy Barton
* Alias Jesse James (1959) as himself (anonymous)
* Mackintosh as well as T.J. (1975) as Mackintosh
* Wonder Woman (1977) as J.P. Hadley, period 1, episode 13
* The Muppet Show (1979) as himself
* The Fall Guy (1983 as well as 1984) as himself

Ticket office position For a variety of years exhibitors elected Rogers amongst one of the most prominent celebrities in the nation:

* 1942– 2nd most preferred Western celebrity( complying with Gene Autry)

* 1943– most prominent Western celebrity

* 1944– 24th most preferred celebrity in the U.S.; most prominent Western celebrity

* 1945– most preferred Western celebrity; 11th most prominent celebrity

* 1946Р10th most prominent celebrity in the United States; most prominent Western celebrity

* 1947– most preferred Western celebrity

* 1948– most prominent Western celebrity

* 1949– most prominent Western celebrity
* 1950– 19th (United States); most preferred Western celebrity

* 1951– most prominent Western celebrity
* 1952– most preferred Western celebrity
( for the 10th year straight)Discography Charted cds Year Cd Chart Positions Tag United States Country United States 1970 The Country Side of Roy Rogers 40– Capitol 1971 A Man from Duck

Run 34– 1975 Satisfied Trails to You 35— 20th Century

1991 Homage 17 113 RCA Charted songs Modify Year
Solitary Chart Positions
United States Country
CONTAINER Country 1946″ A Little White Cross on capital “7– Singles just
1947″My Chickashay Gal “4– 1948
” Blue Shadows on the
Trail “(Roy
Rogers as well as the Sons of the Pioneers
–“(There’ll Never Be Another )Pecos
Bill”(Roy Rogers
as well as
Sons of the Pioneers) 13– 1950
“Stampede”8– 1970”
Money Can’t Buy Love “35– The Country
Side of Roy Rogers 1971″Lovenworth”12 33 A Man from Duck Run”
Happy Anniversary”47– 1972 “These Are the Good Old Days”
73– Single just 1974″Hoppy, Gene as well as Me”
A 15 12 Satisfied Trails to You 1980 “Ride Concrete Cowboy, Ride”(Roy Rogers and also the Sons of the Pioneers )80– Smokey & the Bandit II (soundtrack)
1991″ Hold on Partner”(w/ Clint Black
)42 48 Homage * A”Hoppy, Gene as well as Me”
additionally came to a head at number 65 on the Billboard Hot 100 [40] as well as number 38 on the RPM Adult Contemporary Tracks graph in
Canada. Video
Year Video clip Supervisor 1991
“Hold on Partner”
(with Clint
Black) Jack
Pop music taped
Rogers Publicity picture of Rogers and also Trigger *” Don’t Fence Me In”*”Hold That Critter Down “* “Little

White Cross on theHill” *”One More Ride”*

“Ride Ranger Ride
“*”That Pioneer Mother of Mine” *”Tumbling Tumbleweeds “*”Way Out There

(vocal singing as well as yodeling)*” Why, Oh Why

, Did I Ever Leave Wyoming?” *”Hold On Partner “(duet with Clint Black) * “Happy Trails”

Disc Two


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