The Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz

When I started to do my website, I was promise many things, which I never really got. However, they told me to have something that I can talk abut, so I told them that I love music and I wanted to do something different then all the other music websites don’t do. I love music as you might guess, but I never liked the music websites for they only have one song and that’s all, but not the whole album. so when I started my website, I uploaded iTunes thinking that I could show off my taste in music,but I never got the gigabytes I needed for to upload an album, so I deleted them, and have some of my CD’s instead.

I wanted the world know what I like and their biographies, but I didn’t know how to start it off. Should I go in the order of my favorites first, to last, had I done that, I might miss one and do it out of oder. should I do it in alphabetically, but same thing may happen, so what should  I do? Then I thought , I can do it by year, and even though I may get out of oder, I still be typing about that period, so that’s what I’ve done, only I chanced till either my favorites (and only my favorites, will ever be on my website), started their career from the date I’m doing (now is 1920-1944), or were born in that period that I had texted, and typed about (I’m not talk, so I must be texting on my iPhone 6 Plus, or my other four iPhones, iPad, and iPod, which I carry with me everywhere, or type on my 17″MacBook Pro), Seeing that I’m in 1920-1944, I’m not typing about that period, to give it some flavor, so I started to type about my second favorite topic, and that is, movies.

I wanted my website, to be different, and be proud of and have my personality, so I started, to think of other things that I like, and seeing that I’m the boss, I can make up the rules as I go. I figure, if I can get my website, more entertaining for me, then, I’ll be here more often to blog some more, which means you can come and visit more often. So far, theirs 3692 visitors on my website, but I wonder, how many more will their be if I uploaded movies which I like (I’ll never have anything that I don’t like on my websites), so I was thinking of uploading the movies that I already typed about, first, and see what you think. The first film was The Wizard Of Oz, and who doesn’t like that film. growing up, that film was played every Christmas (why I do not know for it has nothing to do with Christmas), and I still have strong feelings for the family members that aren’t alive any longer, so this film means a lot to me, and I must get it on my website as soon as possible.

The Wizard Of Oz came out on 1939, and seeing that I’m doing anything from 1920 to 1944, in no peculiar oder at all, I thought I start with this first, but it won’t be the last, so enjoy, The Wizard Of Oz at anytime you wish, and I’ll have more soon !!!

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