Walt Disney’s Bambi

Walt Disney’s Bambi

Walt Disney's Bambi

Walt Disney’s Bambi

I been trying not to text about this film, because it’s really not a musical, but I’m the one that making the rules, and I can break them also. However, Walt Disney’s Bambi does have a soundtrack album, so it does match up with my topic of my website, so now is a perfect time to texted about Walt Disney’s Bambi. This film was released on 1942, and since my website is now about music of 1915 to 1944, this film will be one more text about on my website. Two for two of my  requirements for being on my website. The third and last rule is that I like it, well that’s a hard one to text about. For years I didn’t want to see Walt Disney’s Bambi, because what happened to his dad, but now that I’m wiser, I can watch it without guilt.

I bought it from iTunes, because YouTube can’t function with Apple Products. I think that’s apart of their jealousy of how Apple Computers and iPhones, iPads, and iPods work better than the other so called computer and phone company’s are. Although, I’m not here to texts about how toys can complete with technology like Apple Computers have (I’ll be doing that soon), for I don’t want everyone to know how much I like Androids and PC computers, I really like the way Androids can hold the door open and how PC’s is a wonderful place for my fishes to swim in, but I’m texting about films which you don’t need to use slides and a 25 watt bulb to see the slides one at a time with the help of a fish tank.

Yes, do like PC’s, why I bought Seven of them before I wised up and got a MacBook Pro, but that’s not what I’m here to text you about, and I’m sure that when YouTube also wise up, they too will only use Apple, but again that is something I’ll text about much later when I know that I have an audience based, so for now here’s Walt Disney’s Bambi, I hope you like it, for I have more to come !!!

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