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  • Happy Birthday Linda McCartney

    Happy Birthday Linda McCartney

    Linda McCartney September 24,1941-April 17,1998

    Of all the performers’s wives,Linda McCartney is the only woman that has a personality and history in music that makes her more interesting to more than just a post Beatle wife. I think Linda McCartney is better than Yoko Ono, because she enhances her husband, Paul McCartney, where Yoko Ono has a career on her own. Let’s face it, Linda McCartney and Yoko Ono, will always be compared to each other, because they were married to The Beatles, but Linda McCartney has class enough to let her husband Paul McCartney steal the show.

    Unlike Yono Ono, Linda McCartney never tried to invent another kind of music, and make solo albums, Linda McCartney played with her husband in the same band called The Wings. Linda McCartney sang as backup singer for Paul McCartney, but also was the lead in a few songs and Her husband as backup.

    It’s been stated that John and Yoko’s relationship was a love story, but did John and Yoko stay in the bus, or plane together as they traveled from one concert to another with their kids and the other band members like Paul and Linda did?

    linda McCartney could handle what the press said about her, then what Yoko Ono could. All the press would report that Yoko Ono is a dragon lady, but that’s because she’s Japanese, and get away with it, but with Linda McCartney, the press attacked her clothes, her singing, her hair and so little things that doesn’t make any sense to anyone else.

    The liberal press has a lot of apologizing to, for if you don’t believe in what the press believes, then they can print anything they want to say, without any consequences that you and I can’t say in public, but that’s something that I’ll text about later, for this is Lindy McCartney’s Birthday, so I just want to text

    Happy Birthday Linda McCartney

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