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  • The Talented Tennessee Ernie Ford Part Two

    The Talented Tennessee Ernie Ford Part Two

    Individual life

    Ernie and also Betty Ford in the house in 1962. Ford was wed to Betty Heminger from September 18, 1942, up until her fatality on February 26, 1989; they had 2 kids– Jeffrey Buckner “Buck” Ford (birthed January 6, 1950) as well as Brion Leonard Ford (birthed September 3, 1952 in San Gabriel, California– passed away October 24, 2008 in White House, Tennessee, of lung cancer cells at age 56).
    Much less than 4 months after Betty’s fatality, Ford wed once again. On September 28, 1991, he came under extreme liver failing at Dulles Airport, quickly after leaving a state supper at the White House held already President George H. W. Bush. Ford passed away in H. C. A. Reston Hospital Center, in Reston, Virginia, on October 17– precisely 36 years after “Sixteen Tons” was launched, as well as someday timid of the very first wedding anniversary of his induction right into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Ford was interred at Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, California. His 2nd partner, Beverly Wood Ford (1921– 2001), passed away 10 years after Ernie and also her body was interred with her hubby’s.

    DiscographyCds Year Cd Chart

    Positions RIAA Tag United States Country

    United States 1956 This Lusty
    Land 12 Capitol Records Hymns
    2 Platinum 1957 Spirituals 5 Gold Ford Favorites Ol’ Rockin

    ‘Ern 1958

    Nearer the Cross 5
    Gold The Star

    Carol 4 Platinum
    Collect Round Good friend We Have 1960 Sing a Hymn with Me 23


    Tons Sing a Spiritual with Me

    to the Fair 1961 Civil War Songs of the North Civil War Songs

    of the South Looks
    at Love Hymns


    Home 67 1962 Mississippi Showboat

    110 I
    Love to Tell the Story 43 Publication of Favorite

    Hymns 71 1963

    Lengthy Long

    Ago We Gather Together Tale


    Christmas 14 1964

    Terrific Gospel Songs Nation Hits Feelin’Blue Globe’s Best Loved

    Hymns 1965 Allow Me Walk with Thee Sing We Now of

    Christmas 31 1966 My Favorite Things Terrific

    Place God Lives Bless

    Your Pea

    Pickin’ Heart 1967 Aloha Belief of Our Fathers 1968 Our

    Garden of Hymns (w/ Marilyn Horne)

    World of Pop as well as Country Hits O

    Come All

    Ye Faithful The Most Effective of Tennessee

    Ernie Ford Hymns 1969 Tunes I Like to Sing

    New age

    Divine Holy 1970 America the

    Beautiful 192 Whatever Is Beautiful 1971 Follow

    with Me

    C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S People Album 1972

    Mr. Words

    and also Music Standin’in the Need of


    Nation Morning 46 Sings About

    Jesus 1974 Make A Joyful Noise 35 1975 Ernie Sings & Glen Picks

    (w/ Glen Campbell )1976 His Great Love

    For the 83rd Time 1977 He


    Me Word Records

    1978 Swing Wide Your Golden Gate 1979 Ramblin

    Country Roads With

    Tennessee Ernie Ford 1980 Inform


    the Old Story 1984 Maintain Looking Back 2014 Fantastic Grace:


    Treasured Hymns 19 159 Gaither Music Songs

    Year Solitary (A-side, B-side)

    Both sides from exact same cd other than where suggested Chart

    Positions Cd United States Country United States 1949 “Tennessee Border

    / 8 Non-album track

    “Milk ‘Em In The


    Blues”15 Ol’ Rockin ‘Em “Country Junction”/ 14

    “Philadelphia Lawyer”Sixteen

    Tons”Smokey Mountain Boogie” b/w” Country


    “8 Ol’ Rockin’Em”Mule Train”/ 1 9

    Sixteen Tons”Anticipation Blues”3 Ol’
    Rockin’Em 1950 “The Cry Of

    The Wild

    Goose”b/w “The Donkey Serenade”2 15 Sixteen Tons”My

    Hobby”b/w”I’ve Got To Feed ’em In The Morning

    Non-album tracks”Ain’t


    ‘s Business But My Own”(with Kay Starr )/ 5 22

    Never Be Free & “( with Kay Starr)


    3″What This Country Needs”b/w”The


    Lariat” (from Ol’ Rockin

    Cincinnati Dancing


    “Bright Lights and also Blonde
    Haired Women “Both sides with The Starlighters”Little Juan
    Pedro”b/w “Bryant’s Boogie””The Shotgun Boogie “/ 1 14

    Ol’ Rockin’Em”I Ain’t Gon na Let It Happen( Say Goodbye To)”turn 1951

    “Tailor Made Woman”(with Joe”


    “Carr)/ 8 Non-album tracks “Stack-O-Lee “(with Joe “Fingers “Carr

    )”Ocean of Tears”(

    with Kay

    Starr)/ 15″You’re My Sugar”(with Kay

    Starr)22 “Mr. and Mississippi “b/w”She’s My Baby “(from Ol’ Rockin’ Em)2 18 “The Strange Little Girl”/ 9″Kentucky Waltz” turn”Kissin ‘Bug Boogie”
    b/w”Woman Is A Five Letter Word “12

    “Hey Good Lookin ‘”b/w” Cool, Cool Kisses”
    Both sides with Helen O’Connell”Rock City Boogie” b/w”Streamlined Cannonball”Both

    sides with The Dinning Sisters”Christmas Dinner”
    b/w “A Rootin ‘Tootin’Santa Claus”1952″Hambone”(with Bucky Tibbs) b/w

    The Gandy Dancer’s Ball””Everybody’s Got A
    Girl But

    Me” A b/w”Put Your Arms Around Me””Snowshoe Thompson”
    b/w “Fatback Louisiana USA”

    Blackberry Boogie”b/w “Tennessee Local”(Non-album track)6 Ol’


    ‘Em”Hog-Tied Over
    You”b/w “False Hearted Girl” Both sides with Ella
    Mae Morse Non-album tracks 1953″ I Don’t Know “b/w”Sweet Temptation
    “”Hey, Mr. Cotton Picker”
    b/w “Three Things (A Man Must Do)

    “8”Don’t Start Courtin ‘In A
    Hot Rod Ford “b/w”We’re A-Growin’Up”
    Both sides with Molly Bee”Kiss Me Big”/ Ol’

    Rockin’ Em”
    Catfish Boogie”

    turn 1954

    “Honeymoon’s Over” b/w” This Must Be The Place”Both sides with Betty Hutton 16 Non-album tracks”
    River Of No

    Return”b/w” Give Me Your Word” 9 Ford Favorites”Ein

    Zwei Drei”b/w” Losing You “Non-album tracks”Somebody

    Bigger Than You Or I”b/w “There Is Beauty In

    Everything” 1955″ The Ballad

    Davy Crockett”
    b/w “Farewell” 4 5″His Hands”b/w”I Am A
    Pilgrim”13 Spirituals” Sixteen Tons”/ 1 1 Ford Favorites 1956″You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry “78”That’s All”
    b/w”Bright Lights as well as Blonde Haired Women”
    (from Sixteen Tons )12 17 “Rovin’Gambler

    John Henry”60 This Lusty Land!”
    Rock as well as Roll Boogie” b/w”Call Me Darling, Call Me

    (from Ford Favorites)Non-album track”

    First Born”b/w” Have You Seen Her “46 Ford Favorites 1957”

    Watermelon Song”/ 87″One Suit”93 “False Hearted Girl”

    b/w”Lonely Man”
    (from Bless Your Pea Pickin ‘Heart!)

    This Lusty Land!”
    In The Middle Of An Island “/ 23 Non-album track”Ivy League

    “Bless Your Pea Pickin’Heart! 1958″
    Bless Your Pea Pickin ‘Heart”b/w”Down Deep” “Sunday Barbeque”b/w

    Love Makes The World Go Round”97″
    Glad Rags”

    b/w”Sleepin’ At The Foot Of The
    Bed “( Non-album track)
    100 1959

    “Black-Eyed Susie”b/w” Code Of The Mountains “I Love You So Much It Hurts Me”Love Is The Only Thing “b/w”Sunny Side

    Of Heaven” Non-album tracks 1960″O Mary Don’t You Weep”b/w”

    Joshua Fit The Battle”Sing A Spiritual With Me “Little Klinker”
    b/w” Jingle-O-The-Brownie”Non-album tracks” Bless This Land”b/w”
    Lord Of All Creation”

    Dark As A Dungeon”b/w”
    His Love(Makes The World


    Round)”(Non-album track)This Lusty Land!”
    Little Red Rockin’Hood”

    b/w”I Got

    ta Have My Baby Back”(from Ernie Looks At Love)
    Non-album track
    1962″Take Your Girlie To The Movies”
    b/w”There’ll Be No New Piano Tunes On This Old Piano”Here Comes The
    Tennessee Ernie
    Mississippi Showboat “Work Song”

    b/w”Rags as well as Old Iron “(from I Love You So Much It Hurts Me)Everything Is Beautiful” How Great Thou
    Eternal Life”

    (from God Lives!
    )I Love To Tell The Story 1965 “Hicktown “b/w”Sixteen Tons” (from Sixteen Tons)


    Non-album track
    “Girl Don’t You Know “b/w”

    Now It’s All Over”(from I
    You So Much It Hurts


    track”Sing We Now Of Christmas “B b/w” The Little Drummer Boy “Sing We Now Of Christmas 1966

    “God Lives”b/w “How Great Thou Art” God Lives 1967
    “Lahaina Luna”b/w”


    Shells “Aloha From Tennessee Ernie Ford”The Road”b/w “Hand-Me-Down Things “Non-album tracks

    1968″Talk To The Animals “b/w” What A Wonderful World”

    World Of Pop as well as Country Hits 1969 “Honey-Eyed Girl( That’s You That’s You)

    “b/w”Good Morning, Dear”
    54 The New Wave 1970″Rainy Night In Georgia “b/w “Let The Lovelight In Your Eyes Lead Me On”
    Everything Is Beautiful 1971

    Happy Songs Of Love
    “b/w”Don’t Let The Good Life Pass You By”( from 25th Anniversary

    Yesterday– Today) 58 Non-album track 1972″Pea-Pickin’Cook
    ” b/w”The Song”


    Non-album track)
    It’s A Ford 1973″
    Printers Alley Stars”


    “66 Nation Morning”
    Farther Down The River (Where The Fishin’s


    b/w” You’ve Still
    Got Love All Over You”
    73 “Colorado Country Morning” C b/w” Daddy Usta Say” 70 1974″Sweet Child Of Sunshine”b/w”She Picked Up The Pieces”(Non-album track)”
    I’ve Got Confidence “b/w”I would certainly Like To Be” (from Country Morning)Make


    Joyful Noise 1975 “Come On Down”b/w “Bits as well as Pieces Of Life”(Non-album
    track)52″ Baby” b/w”I would certainly Like To Be”

    Both sides with Andra Willis 63 Nation
    The Devil Ain’t A Lonely Woman’s Friend”

    b/w”Smokey Taverns, Bar Room Girls”96 Non-album tracks 1976 “I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train”b/w”Baby’s Home

    “(Non-album track)95 For The 83rd Time”
    Sweet Feelins” b/w”Dogs and also Sheriff John”* A” Everybody


    Got a Girl But Me
    “came to a head at No. 2 on the Capitol Records'” Top Country & Hillbilly”

    ideal vendors listing in 1952. * B”Sing We Now of Christmas”came to a head at No. 2 on the RPM Top Singles graph in Canada


    * C” Colorado Country Morning”
    came to a head at No. 85 on the

    RPM Country Tracks graph in Canada.


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